A 6 MONTH BUSINESS Accelerator

Build a profitable business around

Your Unique Solution

Any successful person has their signature solution:

  • It's what they're known for
  • It helps them create better content
  • It helps them grow their audience
  • It helps them charge more
  • It helps them create scalable services

Join The Spark Space, and I will help you create yours.

In just 6 months, with 

Your Signature Solution nailed, you will:

  • Stand out in your industry, so you can land an avalanche of speaking gigs, podcast interviews, followers and even book deals to grow your authority and audience (making sales super easy!!).
  • Have distinct brand and messaging that allows you to attract your ideal clients, rather than fading into the beige background.
  • Have compelling, scalable offers that grow easily with your business, as they're rewarding for the customer and actually enjoyable for you to deliver in less time.


Jane went from struggling to confident in just one month!

Kerri went from stuck to empowered, and now is a published author!

Linzy launched her first ever group programme

Claire now has a unique process to share with clients

Caz testimonial The Spark Space

"I can honestly say that out of all the courses I’ve purchased in the 9+ years I’ve been in business, yours is the most comprehensive, accountable and you just ‘get’ business no matter what area a person is in (from me in marketing, to others like pet therapists) These are TOTALLY different businesses but you just ‘get’ us both." Jo.H.

"I honestly can't recommend Susanna's Spark Space enough. Having invested £££s in 121 coaching and other courses, this is the first programme I have been in where I really feel like I am making significant progress to move my business into the place that I want it to be. Susanna is fantastic and gives so much to everyone in the group. If you are on the fence just do it!" - Jane A.

"Susanna, I love your positive attitude, commitment to help us growing our business and the way that you deliver all that! I have never felt as confident in my own skills as since I'm in The Spark Space! I love that we can share any doubt, question, fear and you always come back (very quickly) with a suggestion, an idea, a solution." - Nicla. D.

“The main reason that I joined Spark Space is because I needed to pull together all of the pieces of my messaging, my offers and my branding in a way that's very authentic and feels really good for me. 

For me, it did almost feel like a no-brainer investment to hop in with Susanna to do this. Especially after we had our complementary consultation call, then I knew that Susanna could understand and manage my vision and who I am, what I have, and my scattered-ness. 

I knew that Susanna could help me to get to this vision that I have in my head that needs to somehow be organised and come out tangibly. 

Susanna takes a lot of time, care, consideration and thoughtfulness in everything that she does and all the different pieces of her brand and her business. In my opinion, it's rare to find this attention to detail and I also felt like she can take me to that place in my business too. That's what I really love about working with Susanna.

Just two months in, I feel like I had a breakthrough, everything that I wanted from investing in The Spark Space - it's like I'm starting to see the light. I've been waiting for this moment for five years, and it's finally here!

I feel very relieved, less overwhelmed, more confident that what I'm doing, the steps that I'm taking are taking me to where I want to go.” - Haroun. B

What happens on the call?

Susanna Reay at desk with laptop

Book a call to chat about whether The Spark Space is right for you. No heavy sales, just a chat. I promise.

How the call goes:

  • You tell me about your business & your goals
  • If it's a good fit, I'll tell you how the Spark Space mastermind works (there is a LOT inside so it's easier to share on a call than here.)
  • If you need to think about it, I'll reserve you a slot, and let you get back to me.