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  Are you an expert who's looking to step up your visibility? 

Join The Spark Space

This bespoke implementation programme will

distil your unique solution, 

craft your compelling offers and

build your authority brand.

Together we'll transform your business into an income generating machine that calls out to your perfect people as you stand out from the crowd with unique solutions.

What is The Spark Space Mastermind?

It's my premium business support programme with embedded personal support that is designed for coach-shaped people who want to raise their impact and income by serving to groups. Together, we create your bespoke business framework, which enables you to:

  • Stand out in your industry, landing you an avalanche of speaking gigs, podcast interviews, followers and even book deals to grow your authority and audience (making sales super easy!!).
  • Create compelling offers that are stupidly easy to sell, rewarding for the customer and actually enjoyable to deliver in less time than you spend with 121 clients.
  • Create a distinct brand and messaging that allows you to attract your ideal clients, rather than fading into the beige background.

If you want to double your income and work half as much... The Spark Space is your fast track.

"I can honestly say that out of all the courses I’ve purchased in the 9+ years I’ve been in business, yours is the most comprehensive, accountable and you just ‘get’ business no matter what area a person is in (from me in marketing, to others like pet therapists) These are TOTALLY different businesses but you just ‘get’ us both." Jo.H.

Ignite your business with weekly accountability & training

with your award-winning mentor and guide; Susanna Reay.

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Is this for me?

This for you if you are:

  • a service-business founder (whether this be as a coach, consultant, mentor, designer, marketer, healer, psychologist, digital creator or educator)
  • have served multiple clients with great results, either in your own business or in corporate life and now want to switch things up.
  • seeking a new way to expand your income by creating high impact, transformative experiences for your clients.

"Susanna is a master at her craft"

"Susanna is so intuitive in how she works, she gets me, she'll get you, as she adapts to people's individuality. Working with Susanna is worth every penny. If you're thinking about working with Susanna, just do it - she is a complete wizard, a master at what she does." Linzy Boden

Inside The Spark Space, we dive deep into igniting your creativity, brainstorming ideas, and finding innovative solutions to challenges in your service business so that you can sell your offers to many online.

Q: What are the BEST BITS about being inside the Spark Space for you?

My Sparks inside share in their words with you... 

Jane went from struggling to confident in just one month!

Jan'e video message

"I am absolutely loving it. It's the thing that I have needed in my business for so long where I just, I was a bit lost. What I do, I'm a marketing strategist, so I do a little bit of everything and that is great for my clients, but in terms of coming to try and sell myself and know what my offer is and my reason for being and the thing that I can go out there and shout about, I was really struggling with that.

What you have helped me do is think about things in a different way and build it up, baby steps, and give me that focus and just take away that overwhelm that I was feeling before.

I just feel so much more confident about my business. We're really early on (a month in), but I'm loving it and I'm really excited for the future.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is either struggling to find their path or who has got to a point where they're just finding that they've got so much going on in their world and their business and they need to channel it a bit more and get more time back in their day.

Susanna gets inside your head and helps you pull out all of those really useful things, those nuggets that are going to really appeal to your potential clients and get you on track to having a really successful business. Definitely, if you're thinking about signing up, do. I really, really recommend it.

~ Jane Abbott, Marketing Strategist

"I love hanging out with Susanna. I honestly can't recommend Susanna's Spark Space enough. 

Having invested £££s in 121 coaching and other courses, this is the first programme I have been in where I really feel like I am making significant progress to move my business into the place that I want it to be. 

Susanna is fantastic and gives so much to everyone in the group. If you are on the fence just do it!"
- Jane Abbott, The Marketing Shed

Create your Signature Solution Framework that drives your expertise business on the path to group trainings, guesting, speaking, books and ... stardom!

Signature Solution Prism by Susanna Reay
Spark Space first session feedback
Caz testimonial The Spark Space

Claire now has an order, a process and offers that make sense

Read what Claire had to say

Why I think the Spark Space with Susanna Reay is fantastic!

"I came to Susanna, met Susanna several months ago, and I decided to join her Spark Space, because I just had so many ideas, so much going on in my head that I wanted to offer and I wanted to put out into the world, but it was just overwhelming and it was all in a big mess and just didn't know where to start.

And since then, Susanna has really helped me just put it into order, get some process to it, really get it crystallised around some central ideas.

And just in general, she's just so practical and helpful and just really helps you get down to the nub of it in just a really pragmatic way.

One thing I'll say about Susanna and any of her sessions, there's never any waffle. She gets right to it, really valuable information all the time.

And then she really gets it and she really listens to you and helps you understand what you're trying to do. And she really works through it with you. So it's a really powerful process.

I still have work to do, but I'm very pleased I've got Susanna helping me because I've made huge progress.

I've really got a framework that I'm happy with, that I'm digging into, and it's just getting better all the time, because thanks to Susanna and her incredible wisdom and her just her sharp mind and her just incredible helpfulness. I fully endorse Susanna."

~ Claire Powell, Leadership Coach

See how Kerri went from stuck to empowered!

"I'm more empowered to pitch what I can do for clients!" Kerri.B. Leadership Coach

Read what Kerri had to say

"I just finished a session with Susanna Reay. Oh, my goodness. So valuable.

So this may not make a lot of sense to you. Check it out. It makes a tonne of sense to me. And I'm going to be prettifying this, on some website tools that Susanna and I talked about.

But really, if you were thinking about all the brilliant ideas you have and knowing that they sort of know need to be put in some cohesive manner so that you can pitch it to your clients and explain the journey you're going to take them on, that's called a framework.

And Susanna Reay is a game changer.

I have a PhD, I know theoretical frameworks. I've written on this stuff. But I was stuck when it came to my business on how to sort of take these really great ideas and put them in a cohesive visual as well as sort of a logical manner to put people through what I'm going to offer them and what I offer.

And so now I'm leaving just one session with Susanna, feeling like I'm more empowered to pitch what I can do for clients. It's logical, it's cohesive, and I really think it is capturing sort of the talent and the service that I bring to the world.

So do it. It's going to be worth it, and you're going to feel inspired and lighter like I do right now. So thanks so much Susanna, your Sparkle Framework is the bomb!"

~ Kerri Burchill PhD Leadership Trainer

About Your Host ~ Susanna Reay

Susanna Reay Visual Strategist and Business Coach

Susanna Reay is an award-winning online business coach, offer architect, frameworks designer and speaker who’s been bringing clarity, focus and structure into small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups for over 20 years.

Susanna brings a unique perspective informed by her training in business strategy and design, her life-long interest in psychology and strengths as an introverted online business builder.

Her courses, book and mentoring have been the catalyst for growth for clients who’ve integrated Sparkle Frameworks® into their business. 

She helps the unseen be seen, heard and respected.

As featured in

Published in BRAND YOU Magazine




During your 6 month membership package, you will be invited to book a 4 private calls with Susanna during your membership period (value £2000):

  • Kickstarter Call happens as soon as possible after joining, so we can create your bespoke roadmap. 
  • Signature Offer Call is booked in month 2 or 3 to take a more detailed look at your main, signature offer.
  • Tech Call is booked when you have outlined your compelling offer(s) so we can ensure that you have the right systems in place to launch with ease.
  • Next Steps Call is booked in month 5 to ensure you hit your goals, and we can plan your next action steps.


I encourage you to block out all the live group calls, as even if you don't have a specific question, we can check in and see what you are working on. Equally many attendees find the others questions super helpful for their own business (value £5000);

  • Q&A Calls are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 10am UK. 
  • No group calls in August or December. We take this time to focus on quieter inner work, and you still have access to all asynchronous support.  

Occasionally the schedule may need to be altered due to Susanna's availability, but you will receive as much notice as possible of any changes.


The Spark Space community is the space you can ask all your questions at any point in the week. The more you share, the more you gain clarity and momentum (value £3000). Plus you get to build new relationships with your peers in the community which is priceless!

Sharing your posts, emails, frameworks, sales pages, branding, and other content in this space to get feedback before going public will gain you valuable feedback and save you the endless tears of frustration and uncertainty which leads to inaction and no sales.


When you start your membership - I request you take the Business Spark Scorecard, which highlights the areas you need to focus on to grow your business. Then, with this information, we will create a bespoke roadmap for you to follow during your membership to ensure you take action exactly where it's needed to impact your business.

You will be directed to complete certain Spark Missions which cover your offer portfolio, your messaging and your systems to support growth (value £2400).


  • Scheduled once a quarter, held online 10am - 2pm UK. with a a short lunch break to refresh and refill!
  • Value each event £500

On joining, you will receive a schedule with dates of the special deep dive events that occur in your membership period. Each event has its own unique focus and are recorded to watch on catch-up if needed. 

Claire Powell Testimonial for The Spark Space


The Signature Offer Sprint (SOS) is a premium training that can be completed in 10 weeks or less.  Most new Sparks start this sprint in month two, after they have created their first frameworks that clarify their expertise, their audience and their unique solution. 

  • Self-led training to develop your Signature Offer complete with templates and guides to create stunning sales pages and stellar systems that make selling a breeze
  • Bring your questions to the regular sessions, inside our private community  and also inside your private milestone document.
  • When needed, you book in your private call to deep dive for an hour on your offer.
  • Value £3000

Video Testimonials

Hear what a few SOS participants have to say about this element

Harriet - Brand Photographer

Ali - Hair & Beauty Consultant

Mahesh - Life Coach


Others in the industry for this same level of deep personal support, training and community charge well over £25,000. But I am on a mission to support your growth as a small business owner and I want you to feel comfortable that you can get your return on this investment and much more in our time together. 

The six (6) month membership will be focused on launching your signature solution, compelling offers and distinctive branding. 

This does of course mean, you need to put in the work, implement and take action every week to see the results you desire. I can only advise you of the best strategies to move the needle in your business, but you do need to be committed to taking timely action and not sit procrastinating and perfecting before showing up and launching.  

The total value of the support inside the Spark Space is over £15,000.

When you join today, the investment is:

  • £3000 for 6 months or £4500 for 12 months membership
  • Payment Plans available on request.

If you are considering to join us, know that the best time to join is now, as the price you see today may not be the price you see later on. Make the next months count for your business so you can celebrate your business in style at year end!


The Spark Space is designed to hold and serve a maximum of 36 Sparks at any one time. Spark Mastermind calls vary in number of attendees as there is lots of opportunity to also get asynchronous personal support through the community and personal milestone documents, as well as your allocation of private calls.

Do you provide refunds?

I'm so confident The Spark Space will knock your heart-led socks off with it's support, advice, knowledge and service that if you don't feel that you have finally found your online support home, you can request a full refund* within your first 14 days

Note that this is no magic pill, you will need to do the work, take action and implement the easy-to-implement strategies. But since you're reading this, I know you are serious about your business, so this shouldn't be a problem!

*Refund will be processed via your payment method minus bank charges, which I cannot redeem.


If you know you work best with private support, and wish to go further, faster  - then read the  "Find Your Spotlight" page and complete the application form so I can see what you are looking for before we get on a call to define the best way forward for you. Do note that The Spark Space provides a LOT of personal support at amazing value, so I do recommend that you start here! Inside you also get access to a unique deal to book in extra private support as you need.

Haroun Busby


The main reason that I joined Spark Space is because I have not been visible in my business, and one of the main pieces keeping me from being visible in my business is pulling together all of the pieces of my messaging, my offers and my branding and my copy all together in a way that's very authentic and feels really good for me. That's what I needed help with, and that's what you offered.

For me, it did almost feel like a no-brainer investment to hop in with Susanna to do this. Especially after we had our complementary consultation call, then I knew that Susanna could understand and manage my vision and who I am, what I have, and my scattered-ness. I knew that Susanna could help me to get to this vision that I have in my head that needs to somehow be organised and come out tangibly. 

Susanna is very detail oriented, she takes a lot of time, care, consideration and thoughtfulness in everything that she does and all the different pieces of her brand and her business. In my opinion, it's rare to find this attention to detail and I also felt like she can take me to that place in my business too. That's what I really love about working with Susanna.

Just two months in, I feel like I had a breakthrough, everything that I wanted from investing in The Spark Space - it's like I'm starting to see the light. There's a glimmer at the end of the tunnel, and I've been waiting for this moment for five years, and it's finally there. That's how I feel. I feel very relieved. I feel less overwhelmed. More confident that what I'm doing, the steps that I'm taking are taking me to where I want to go.

What's included and next steps

Inside you get a LOT of support, I reflect and respond to the actions you take. The more you share with me, the more I can support you. 

You share your goals and quandaries with me through private calls, inside shared private docs, within our private group community and on bi-monthly group Zoom calls. 

You also get access to my no-fluff step by step trainings and templates across all the areas you need to grow your business online. These cover creating your bespoke frameworks, creating compelling offers, professional branding support, setting up sales systems and much more.

Is The Spark Space YOUR space?

Book a call so we can get you on the inside as soon as possible,

Mahesh Tailor


“You’ve helped me think deeper on each of the topics I coach. 

Your perception about things is really, really good - you are very talented at that. 

You can pick up any subject and dive right into it and analyse it then come up with some great insights - it’s just fantastic! ”

Kathy Hayman


"The confidence Susanna's programme has given me in my ideas and the product I have created has been huge. Susanna is definitely an "over-deliverer" - the support she provides throughout is exceptional.  I can safely say that the investment into this program has been worth every penny and more so if you have a program or a course in you trying to get out I can highly recommend Susanna."

Ali Oswald


"I definitely know I would never have got my academy off the ground if it wasn't for Susanna's training and the support of everybody else in the group. What Susanna doesn't know about launching a programme with all the tech that's involved isn't worth knowing. I never realised how much work went into building a Signature Offer. And I can't believe I have now got one of my very own built and ready to launch."