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book susanna reay to speak

online event keynote speaker

Introduce your audience to The Introvert Way, at your next online summit or conference.

Susanna has been speaking at and leading virtual speaking events since 2015 - including running the January 2019 Introvert Entrepreneurs Powerhouse Summit with 24 high class speakers and over 300 attendees. 

Speaking virtually is a very different skillset from on-stage events.

Susanna Reay as a Virtual Speaker

What You Need To Know Before You Book A Virtual Speaker

Being a great on-stage presenter is a very different skillset to being a great on-screen presenter.

Not having instant audience feedback, not being able to feel the energy in the room, not being able to see what's working and what isn't, and not being able to rely on on-stage methods of engagement, all mean you need a different approach.

It's far too easy to end up with a session that falls flat, has everyone secretly checking their phones and emails, and which simply doesn't deliver.

With over a 5 years of virtual speaking and leading online events, I can create a highly engaging, high-impact session for you online.

There's more to it than taking your on-stage style and doing it on camera. Creating a transformational online event is a different skillset.

I've run virtual events for over five years now, to audiences across the globe, using a range of software systems. I have plenty of experience in running interactive online sessions for audiences of 100+ people.

If you want to find out more about how I can create an engaging, inspirational session for your audience in a virtual setup, you can book a call here.

Also, I can also teach your in-house presenters how to translate their magic into the virtual world, both for workshops and meetings, to help your business to keep thriving, during these challenging times.

The Introvert Way

In a world where the extroverts have created the norms for us all to adapt to, it is time to for us introverts to step into the spotlight and show how we can be successful, doing things our way, the introvert way.

Online summits and conferences now happen on a regular basis, and to capture your audience's attention online is getter harder. 

Susanna's Topics Include

Introverts Can Thrive Online

It's a myth that introverts are shy and don't want to speak up. We make, dare I say it, the best speakers, as we will only speak when we have something of significance to say. This inspirational talk will help the introverts in your organisation recognise their superpowers.

Create Your Powerful Message

Getting your message clearly out into the world is the first and most important step in attracting clients. This interactive workshop will allow your audience to walk away with a clear message that they can use across many areas that they show up on line

The Introvert Way to Elevate Your Business Online

So much noise online, so how does a new business grow successfully? Especially when you are more introverted in nature? This talk introduces The Introvert Way to business success and will set sparklers flying in the listener as to what is really possible.

In this video, Susanna is interviewed by Lavinia Lindsay, about how the Introvert Powerhouse Summit came about that Susanna hosted in January 2019

  • why introverts need a voice and a platform
  • how online speaking brings visibility to many introverted entrepreneurs
  • Is this the age of the Intropreneur ? (Answer at 14:10)

Susanna's journey to now

Susanna Reay has started businesses around the world, reinventing herself each time her family moved. But when she returned to the UK, she found the company she had built helping other expats to create online businesses no longer fitted in with her life. With the rug pulled from under her again, she started a creative enterprise. She struggled and started thinking about why it wasn’t working.

Like so many business owners, she had plenty of ideas, but wasn’t focusing her efforts on what would really get results for her clients. She realised this was where her unique gifts of packaging offers to sell, creativity, tech knowledge, and strategy came together. She has worked with more than 1000 introverted women to help them sell their group programmes and live the life they want. 

Here is an example of a mini training that can kickstart a great Q&A session to go deeper afterwards

  • I can create customised team trainings on request 
  • sharp, to the point and no nonsense presentations
  • all keynotes work live and on replay

A selection of Susanna's Speaking Engagements 

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The Own Your Quiet Podcast with Alex Reid and guest Susanna Reay
Make Marketing Yours with Vanessa Choi and Guest Speaker Susanna Reay
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