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Strictly Come Speaking's Speakers Award 2023

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Susanna Reay as a Keynote Speaker

Susanna Reay presenting Sparkle Frameworks®

Sandra Jennings, Founder of the Blue Pool Network, shared after Susanna spoke at her event:

"I invited Susanna to speak at Blue Pool Network's Networking and Connection group and she was absolutely outstanding! She presented information about 'the power of frameworks' and it was absolutely riveting! 

Her delivery was impeccable and hugely informative and engaging and the slideshow was so professional interesting to watch. It was extremely thought provoking and I will definitely be working with Susanna in the future as I can see that she has a wonderful gift for really understanding how to grow your business in a balanced and measured way. 

I had wonderful feedback from so many of the attendees on the day who all thought that Susanna's presentation was hugely thought provoking and inspiring. I am really looking forward to when Susanna will be able to present for us again, however, next time I will definitely ask her to speak for longer as she really was a wonderful addition to the day."

Event: October 2022

Susanna Reay

Susanna has been speaking at and leading virtual speaking events since 2015 - including hosting the January 2019 Introvert Entrepreneurs Powerhouse Summit that was the first of its kind online. She is now available for selected in-person events (travel expenses apply). 

Susanna Reay Short Bio:

Susanna Reay is an award-winning Business Coach specialising in frameworks, Speaker & Author who over the last 20 years has mentored entrepreneurs globally to sell their services online.  Susanna’s unique Sparkle Frameworks® bring visual focus and clarity out of complex service offers, enabling clients to scale their business with ease. 

As an introvert herself and the founder of The Introvert Way® - all her training programs are introvert-friendly, allowing you time and space to think but also be held accountable to take action!

Susanna's Popular Topics

Turning Your Ideas Into Profit

Do you have an audience full of idea generators, business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle to convey the value of their expertise succinctly? 

This 20 minute keynote will open their eyes and ears to a new way to convey their message. 

Amplify Your Message with Business Frameworks 

Most service businesses rely on words alone to describe their offers, leaving many prospects confused. Confused people don't buy.  In this talk, Susanna shares how Visual Frameworks simplify complex concepts and draw people into your world as they connect and engage with your work faster than ever before.

Five Character Traits An Introvert Needs To Build Their Own Business

What is an Introvert? In this talk, Susanna shares the real definition of an introvert, and the character traits that you need to build a business. Once you understand the traits that support your success, you can focus on these areas and make sure you've the right support in place.

Book a Interactive Sparkle Frameworks® Workshop

If you're running a live event, whether in person or online, Susanna can facilitate an interactive workshop that will have attendees sketching out their business concepts clearly and succinctly in a matter of minutes using just a pen and one sheet of paper. The event can be adapted specifically for your people.

Susanna Reay as a Virtual Speaker

What You Need To Know Before You Book A Virtual Speaker

Being a great on-stage presenter is a very different skillset to being a great on-screen presenter.

Not having instant audience feedback, not being able to feel the energy in the room, not being able to see what's working and what isn't, and not being able to rely on on-stage methods of engagement, all mean you need a different approach.

It's far too easy to end up with a session that falls flat, has everyone secretly checking their phones and emails, and which simply doesn't deliver.

With over a 5 years of virtual speaking and leading online events, I can create a highly engaging, high-impact session for you online.

There's more to it than taking your on-stage style and doing it on camera. Creating a transformational online event is a different skillset.

I've run virtual events for over five years now, to audiences across the globe, using a range of software systems. I have plenty of experience in running interactive online sessions for global audiences.

If you want to find out more about how I can create an engaging, inspirational session for your audience in a virtual setup, complete the form at the base of this page.

Public Speaking Events

Susanna Reay Speaker July 2023


  • Blue Pool Network - Sparkle Frameworks® In-Person Workshop
  • Keynote for Strictly Come Speaking Event, Manchester
  • Athena Network - regular online business development talks


  • Legacy Summit
  • Empowered Introvert Women Summit
  • The Coaches' Path to Consistent Cash
  • Visibility Festival
  • Client Camp Summit
  • Athena NetFest
  • Blue Pool Network


  • Athena NetFest
  • World Introvert Day Summit 
  • Dare to Thrive Summit


  • Introvert Entrepreneurship Lab w/Global Entrepreneurship Forum
  • The Quietly Successful Summit 
  • Marketing 2020 Summit
  • Introvert Entrepreneurship Lab 
  • Monetise Monetise Monetise
  • The Power of Why Summit


  • Marketing Upside Down Summit
  • The Introvert's Powerhouse Summit (Host and Speaker)

Detailed Bio Susanna Reay

Susanna Reay is an award-winning speaker, online business coach, strategist and author who’s been making business make sense for small business owners for over 15 years. Susanna brings a unique perspective to business thinking, informed by her background in business strategy and design, her interest in psychology and strengths as a creative visual thinker. Her mission is to help the unseen be seen, heard and respected.

Her courses, work and book have supported thousands of service-led business owners amplify their message using her trademarked Sparkle Frameworks®. Her specialty lies in her unique ability to take anything complicated, dissect it and put it back together in such a way that's easy to understand and implement. And because of this, her clients gain clarity and receive amazing results in the shortest amount of time. Susanna believes that running a business should be fun, empowering and led with integrity.

Podcast Appearances

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Scale Your Course with Tracy Sherriff
EP 16 | Scaling with Evergreen Courses the Introvert Way with Susanna Reay
Marketing For Introverts with Jenny Procter Ep.Getting your offer right with Susanna Reay
Make Marketing Yours with Vanessa Choi Ep44: How To Market Your Business In Alignment With Your Personality with Susanna Reay
The Own Your Quiet Podcast with Alex Reid S.1 Ep.9 Susanna Reay on how introverts can build a successful online business around their expertise
The Creative Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast with Kim Beasley S2 Ep5: Building a strategic social media plan for your online business with Susanna Reay

Susanna Reay Media Photos:

Susanna Reay Speaker July 2023
Susanna Reay, Business Frameworks
Susanna Reay with her Sparkle Business Frameworks
The Introvert Way Roadmap by Susanna Reay

A selection of Susanna's Keynote Speaking Engagements

Introvert Entrepreneurship Lab w/Global Entrepreneurship Network

Introvert Entrepreneurship Lab in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network 

2021 NetFest speaker and regular presenter for the monthly Business Development Talks

Monetise Monetise Monetise Summit