6 Ways to Solve the Introvert Energy Issue

Last week I got to a point where I just had to down tools and sleep. 

This is the point when my body is telling me to pull back from the busy world of creation and connection that is my day to day business. 

Don’t get me wrong, I adore connecting with women all over the world and helping them become confident and visible with a clear message to transmit to their people. 

But some days I just have to stop.

This is the Introvert Energy Issue. 

If you're an introvert setting up her own business, you may well recognise this. Days when you just want to retreat into your shell and do nothing. Your brain is muddled, fuzzy and unclear. 

Rather than fight this, it is better to start listening and react to the messages your body is giving. Reschedule meetings if needed, pull back from social interaction online. Give your brain and body the time it is craving to rejuvenate. 

That is what I did last Friday. I stopped everything. I went to bed and slept for 3 hours in the middle of the day. 

Working for yourself means that you can control your schedule. Introverts need to recognise what activities drain their energies, and minimise these as much as possible in their working week. 

A while back I journaled my energy levels through a few weeks to see if there was a pattern in how I was reacting; through the week, through the hours of the day, and to different tasks. 

This highlighted a very strong pattern, that I was in my highest energy between Tuesday and Thursday each week. Fridays are generally bad for me, so I made sure I scheduled in no client calls on a Friday, if at all possible. 

Going "live" on my Facebook page every Wednesday morning, before I do anything else is how to project my best self. Doubts do creep in, even though I am told I look relaxed and confident. As this is still something that does drain energy from me in one way - but in another it saves a lot of energy too.

The thing is, for me, writing a post like this, takes time and my perfectionist nature pops in that wants to make formatting and associated photos or diagrams all perfect. In fact I started writing this post this morning, and only now completing it in the evening.

Writing for me takes time - but when I go live, talk directly to my audience and share, within 20 minutes my message is out there - clear and strong and no more work is required on it. So going live actually saves me time and energy - and also gives me far greater reach to find new people that need helping.

Next weekend I will be attending a conference in Switzerland, with maybe up to 300 women attending who I have been connecting with online since January. My stomach has been giving me all the nervous energy signs about this as the days come closer.

  • What to wear? 
  • How to be?
  • How to survive a full day of networking?

An evening of a few hours really drains me… what will happen in a full day? I haven’t attended something like this is a long time, especially an event where I have never met a single attendee in person beforehand.

I have my business cards printed, full of colour and life, I am confident in my business mission and values, and it is these that I want to portray.

But to get through an event like this, I have 6 ways to solve the Introvert Energy Issue, to get me through the event. As for an introvert, doing this takes a lot of tenacity.

  1. I am having a quiet dinner with just 2 or 3 people the night before who are also attending, but we have never met in person before. Though it feels like we have as we have talked over Zoom for several months now. 
  2. I will be packing clothes with colours that boost my energy and support my message. This is super important as wearing the wrong colours will just drain me even further. Controversially, black is the biggest energy drain for me, so that colour is fine in trousers or a skirt, but I need to keep it away from my head!
  3. I have booked a room at the hotel where the conference takes place - allowing for an escape room if needed for even just 30 minutes. Yes, i know you are meant to be 100% present at an event - but there is no point being there if you are feeling overwhelmed. 
  4. Having looked at the list of attendees, I have contacted a few people who I would love to talk with ahead of time, arranging to meet-up and chat - so we will both be on the look-out for each other. 
  5. No plans for the evening post the event have been made as i am highly likely to just want to crash in my quiet little room 
  6. Post the event, I have made sure my day is free, I have not got any important meetings on the Monday after, giving me extra time to recuperate and gather my thoughts. 

Are you an introvert who attend big events? Do you create a battle plan?

How do you cope with the Introvert Energy Issue?


Susanna Reay is an online business specialist, and brings her 25+ years experience of working online into packaging high value offers and courses to achieve the success her introvert business owners dream of. The Introvert Way is her unique framework that ensures that business growth doesn't equal business burnout. We have to align our business with our natural tendencies until you reach the stage where you build a team to support the many functions needed to go to the next level.

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