The Introvert's

The Online Congress for Female Intropreneurs*

Be Inspired All Year

Embrace your intropreneur power for your business and recognise the way you need to take action to move forward this year.

  • Be inspired by independent experts in different subject areas focusing on the needs of the introverted business woman. Experts will be announced as they get confirmed.
  • Learn more about important topics like visibility, sales, launch, branding, networking, energy maintenance and many more! These are #nopitch webinars bursting with value to help you build your business.
  • Exchange views with like-minded women in our support community, and get infected by the enthusiasm of others to start 2019 highly motivated.
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Access these talks throughout 2019 to keep motivation and action high.

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The Introvert's Powerhouse has 24 online intropreneurial women, experts in their field sharing their wisdom

  • Manage your natural energy patterns to stand up and be seen in your business 
  • Discover techniques that support the natural way of being for an introvert
  • Be inspired by other introverted women into growth and action
  • Break through your mindset of hiding, and get tips on how to step into the spotlight.
  • Less hustle, more collaboration

The Expert Talks:

Anna Andergrahn

Founder, Bubbly Balance

Know, Like and Trust Yourself - so that your clients can follow

Tania Blanco

Communications Consultant. Connector. Inner Power Advocate.

Inner & Outer Communication Styles

Sarah Michelle Brown

Virtual Video Director

Video is an Introvert's Secret Weapon

Lynn Coleman

Creator of Easier English

How to Shine when Speaking English Online

Elma Ferreira

Artist and Creative Enabler

Why the Introvert Becomes the Victim of Social Norms

Stephanie Fiteni

Stephanie Fiteni Coaching

The Digital Strategy Blueprint

Roberta Gre

Creative Healer

Let Your Inner Child Reignite Your Creativity

Karen Grill

Second Act Moms

My Top Mompreneur Time Management Tricks

Angela Heck

AMH Coaching

How to Deal with this Hurry-Up World as a Highly Sensitive Introvert

Claudia Hesse

Founder “The Better Workplace”

The Empowered Introvert Entrepreneur

Anita Kooij

Mindfulness and Transformation Coach for highly sensitive women

Energy Mastery and Self Compassion

Chérine Kurdi

Women's Leadership Expert

Fire Your Inner Critic

Sonja Limone

Launch Strategist and Business Coach

The Launch Like Magic Timeline

Maayke Mannaert 

Business Coach

The Pitfalls of Being a Digital Introvert Entrepreneur

Marian Nielsen Joos

Shamanic Healer and Master Face Reader

Your Face Reveals Your Strength as an Introvert!

Dara Paoletti

Life Coach

The Dangers of Productivity for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Susanna Reay

Online Visibility Coach

Dial Up Your Visibility

Tamsin Régnès

MBTI Practitioner

Helping your Business by Appreciating How Others May ‘Tock’

Beate Schulz-Wolff

Female Wealth and Power Coach

Money Matters

Lianne Smuts

Facilitator and Image Stylist

Finding Your Inner and Outer Identity

DanaGita Stratil 

Voice Artist - Transformational voice coach - Spiritual Tour Guide

How to Connect to Your Audience with a Strong and Inspiring Voice

Summer Tannhauser

Online Business Educator

Authentic Selling for Introverts

Mirjam van der Zee 

The Practical Moon Lady

Blame it on the Moon! 

Janice Chaka

Career and Business Coach at The Career Introvert

Podcasting an Introvert's Secret Weapon

​What's Inside?

Many people are intimidated by the idea of starting a business, as it is no doubt only for those with strength and courage to stand up for their beliefs - in themselves and others. This online library brings together 24 intropreneur experts who have walked the path before you, and they share their top strategies and tips to stay true to your path in this noisy online world. 

You get to dive in and watch the videos when you have the time, anytime in the next year.

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Total duration:   17h approx.

Talks vary from 25 minutes to 72 minutes in length

additional materials:  


Download or listen online

related courses:  Golden Visibility

Online Visibility program structured for intropreneurs building their business online.


Who is Your Host?

Susanna Reay is the host of The Introverts Powerhouse 2019, she is a Visibility Coach for Introvert Female Entrepreneurs, Colour Expert & Business Mentor. Susanna has worked with entrepreneurs for over 20 years, ensuring brand identity, marketing and business strategy is fully aligned for success. Susanna welcomes you to connect on Facebook, Instagram or via her website to learn more about how she can help you.

Below is an interview  about how The Introvert's Powerhouse came about and  how Susanna's work has evolved to incorporate  such a big undertaking! Many thanks to Lavinia Lindsay for asking some great questions to help you get a feel of what's ahead.

* What's an Intropreneur?  

An Intropreneur is an entrepreneur who is introverted in nature.

Being an introvert does not mean that you are shy, or socially awkward, often far from it. But you could be of course, and that is OK too...

  • You are an introvert if you gain energy when you are alone, and you often look inward for answers.
  • Being around a big group of people drains your energy rapidly.  Real-life networking is exhausting. You would rather stay at home and read a book.
  • As a woman, you push yourself to the limits as you want to succeed.  Being an introvert in business means you need to be considerate of your energy needs to avoid burnout and overwhelm. 


Be Inspired all year!

Access these talks throughout 2019 to keep motivation and action high.

BONUS: AUDIO Downloads, Written Transcripts of all talks ONLY in Members Area.

12 months membership: $149 


What if I miss some talks?

Don't worry you can purchase the FULL ACCESS PASS that allows you to watch any of the videos at your leisure for the rest of 2019, get the audio files and transcripts of all talks. Details will be sent after registration.  (Apply COUP50 code on checkout page to receive 50% discount before 18th January)

How long should I put aside each day to watch the talks live?

Each day to watch all talks released that day would take about 3 hours on average. Most are 30-40 minutes long, but a few are up to the hour as there is a lot of content to get through! I advise you buy the year membership if you feel pushed for time. 


Will I be able to speak during the talks?

No, the sessions are prerecorded, however, we encourage you to interact in our Facebook Group where you will find a thread for each speaker to ask your questions to. You must register first before requesting access to the Facebook group.

Is it really free?

Yes absolutely, it is free of charge while it the congress is live January 14th to 20th 2019. If you wish to watch it afterwards please purchase the FULL ACCESS PASS