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Our minds are strange and curious and can get the better of us at times.

Today, I am talking about what stops you in your business from doing the things that you know you need to do, but there's something that's holding you back? Have you thought about this?

I bet you have, because if you're anything like me and you're more introverted in nature, then you are likely to overthink an awful lot of things. And one of those is just not taking that step forward and doing what you need to do to grow your business and make it successful.

Hi, if you're new to my world, my name is Susanna Reay, and I help you grow your business and visibility online, The Introvert Way. The Introvert Way means doing it aligned with your personality.

So you're not feeling like you are taking huge steps out of your comfort zone, but you are still taking action in a way that feels comfortable. Because my question for today's mini talk is...

"What stops you and your business?"

Now, many of us might be very intuitive in how we think about what we're going to do next in our business.

And we might say, "yes, I know I need a strategy, I need goals." 

But at the same time, there's something inside of us going, "yeah, I'm not not quite comfortable to do that right now."

And I would encourage you to actually listen to that little piece of fear and really delve further further into why are you stopping? Because quite often in our brains, particularly when it comes to our business, there's some element in our subconscious that is saying "it's not quite right yet."

Now, here's the secret...  actually, for growing your business online and seeing success is sometimes you just have to jump.

You've got to jump into it and go... I'm going to try it anyway, because you never know. And quite often you're going to be very happy with the results when you do try. But that doesn't mean that you're not listening to that subconscious. So it's not quite right, because what you need to do is listen to what it is that stopping you, what element of what you're thinking of doing next in your business is making you hold back.

Let's give an example here. 

Say you want to run a workshop and you're thinking now, OK, I'm going to run that workshop on line. Now, let's think about the different elements.

What could be stopping you from doing that right now?

Is it to do with the tech? ....Oh, I don't know how to do it. My video isn't right. My sound is poor. The lighting never seems to work well. All those things can be sorted and organised.

You just need to reach out for the support from someone who's been there before. 

But what else could be going on?

"Oh, no, nobody's going to turn up!"  

The fear, the fear of what happens if nobody turns up. Well, that's when you have to start talking to people. Why do you want to do a workshop in the first place? Is it because your clients have been asking for this first?

One of the best steps that we can do to take in our business is actually listen to your clients and hear what are they asking for.

And if you're just starting out, then also listen to the wider audience in the groups and communities you're in. What is it people say they are struggling with? What help do they need?

And if you can create a product that's based on that need, the urgent need. People will show people will turn up.

Others will say to me, but a workshop that means, oh, that's a bit scary is putting myself out there, it's standing at the front and really showing your expertise. And I know if you're anything like me, that you'll have those nerves.

Yes, we all get them before we go live ... even today, before I hit the live button. And I've been doing this for a while, I still have those double thoughts of, like, should I be doing this? How should I do it? But once you get rolling, I know you know your subject so well that you will be fine.

But I also understand that you might be a bit concerned about getting your clients, getting people to turn up, sorting out the tech and all those elements we can work through together in a way that you feel confident. So you are ready to take that action.

That's just one small example looking at a workshop, but it might be launching an online course or doing a membership or even looking at your business as a whole because you've got a couple of products in place and then you're going, there's a missing gap here and it can be very hard to see those things ourselves. So that's where it's great to grab a friend and say, hey, can I just talk this through with you? Because I'm not sure what's going on.

And sometimes when particularly when introverted, we finally get out of our heads and start talking about what it is that we start connecting and seeing.

If you want more guided direction from somebody has been there before, you please do reach out. I'm here to chat on Messenger. I'm happy to start that way. I know sometimes Zoom can feel a bit scary, but that is by far the best. And I'm here to support you and to help you through what is stopping you. Ask me all you want about the Powerhouse Insiders membership, or check out the details here.

Do what you know in your heart and in your head that you need to do for your business right now.

Let's continue this conversation and join the Introvert Entrepreneurs Powerhouse, my free community, where we have many conversations, where we go in-depth and think about how we can support each other. What's been working. We have our Tuesday tips where we share with each other. What is it that we've done recently that has really worked to help grow our business?

I'd love to see you on the inside if you're not there already. And let's continue this conversation more about what is stopping you right now in your business and how can we help support you to take that little step into action. Wishing you a beautiful day, and I'll see you again soon. Take care.


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