What is 'The Introvert Way®'?

The Introvert Way® is the approach I have developed to design and scale your business online, in alignment with your natural introverted tendencies. 

As an introvert myself, all my training programs are introvert-friendly, allowing you time and space to think but also be held accountable to take action!

How does this tie in with your specialism in business frameworks?

My Sparkle Frameworks® were developed out of working with hundreds of introvert entrepreneurs over the last decade. An introvert naturally looks inward, thinks and develops processes and systems in their head. However, to succeed in business we need to get these thoughts out of our head and share them widely. Frameworks help you do this. 

Frameworks provide clarity and focus in every aspect of your business, saving you time and headaches everyday. 

Speaking with my clients, after working with me, and asking what their breakthrough moment was:

What was the ignition point to their success and growth? 

They all answered me with the one word - FRAMEWORKS

And its thanks to my amazing clients that I am now focusing and highlighting the power of frameworks for all business owners, as whether you are in the creative space such as a healer, a life coach, a designer or in the logical space such as financial planning, business coaching or consulting, frameworks will provide this catalyst for growth. 

Do you work with extroverts?

Yes! I run an inclusive business, and a key part of building your business is to recognise your natural personality traits and weave these into your business design. I will adapt my advice to you and your business with your personality in mind. If you ignore your natural tendencies, this tends to create excessive stress and burnout, which no-one wants. 

Hi, I'm Susanna

I support quietly determined business owners, like you, with big dreams, who struggle with the overwhelm of building a business online.

I guide you forwards with clarity and focus so that you can confidently grow your business to have the impact you dream of.

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