Who I am

Susanna Reay Lavender

I have travelled the world and lived in many places and met many wonderful people along the way. In every location, the colours of that area captured my attention and set themselves in my memory.

I am a creative soul, an artist, a sculptor, a businesswoman, a mother, a business coach and a colour expert.

Colour is at the forefront of my business. But there is much more than first meets the eye. Just like with colour.

There are hidden depths that I look into with the women I coach, setting them up in business to be confident, visible and productive in the ways they work. We investigate their natural energy flows and which colours can support them in their business vision.

What Brings Me Joy

Colour in all its forms brings me joy. Colours are around us everywhere & every day they connect with our hearts and minds. When we connect and listen to what the colours say then we can harness their powers to spur on our visions and balance our lives. If you have blocked out a certain colour from your life for a while now or fixated on one colour, I urge you to look around and open your eyes to the full spectrum once more.

The natural world brings me joy, I love to photograph all the wonders I see before me and my Instagram is full of these. I love musical theatre and singing along to songs although I would not rate my voice.. singing buoys the spirit and helps me through the day. I paint and sculpt for the joy of creation. I need this outlet to not be depressed. Creation is my heart of being, and the times when this has not had priority have been very lonely times. I am never lonely when I am creating.

My Vision

I hope to connect with others going on this journey to greatness with our unique strengths and passions, and build small circles of collaboration with those who have complementary skills, enabling support and cross-promotion of each other's services. Strategic networking if you like in a virtual open office! 

My international life has led me to relish new connections and learn about all the wonderful cultures in our world. 

I very much look forward to connecting with you.


Emotion sells. Colour is emotion. Colour sells. 

The right colour sells better.

I broadcast live the other day on my Facebook page (weekly Colour Catalyst TV slots every Wednesday morning) and created a pretty neat presentation about why colour in business is so important and what elements you need to look out for to give yourself the best chance of success.

Of course I cannot promise you riches, as a business needs many aspects to work together for success to be seen. But you really don't want certain aspects pulling you down when you don't them to do you?

And, here's the thing, the wrong colours in your business will be working against all that text you have sweated over if you are not aligned. Why take the the risk? 

About the author

Susanna is a colour-passionate introvert on a mission to see gender equality in her lifetime. She guides female intropreneurs to success by building their business the introvert way, giving them the financial freedom they dream of. When not online Susanna can be found photographing, painting, procrastibaking and memorizing many musical lyrics that she sings with her daughters who have acquired this love too.

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