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What it's like to work with me as your coach:

Now I feel like I am ready to step into the year with purpose. Getting ready to take flight in February! Thanks for your input yesterday Susanna - and helping to start the shift of my January blues! I see clearly the possibilities now, on a much grander scale than I would otherwise have dared, or allowed. "

Debra Wenlock Art

Debra Wenlock

It is all about balance, Susanna Reay told me. Take some time to draw or paint, something you like to do. One day I was in the mood of overwhelm. On her advice I picked a canvas and just painted. The result does not matter, but I paint again and that was great and I got new energy! "

Simone Houtman, visual artist.

Simone Houtman


4. get  your  business moving

Visibility for Creatives

Do you struggle with showing up?

I can help you with that. 

Do you struggle with attracting your ideal client?

I can help you with that.

Many of my clients are Creatives and have struggled with showing up as they hide behind the artwork, but buyers want to see you and understand why you paint as you do. 

Staying accountable and working with a coach is a key aspect to success as an entrepreneur when it is oh-so easy to just get distracted. My coaching sessions look at the time that you need to create and make sure that your energy needs are encompassed in your business plan. 

This isn't a false-promises, fast results program, but a measured coaching program that works and grows your confidence, branding and visibility at the pace that is right for you. I guarantee after working with me you will be more confident and ready to rule!


Why My Clients work with me:

I wasn’t prepared when we first met and had only a vague idea of what I needed. In the hour we spoke on Skype, I made pages and pages of notes and got TWO fun assignments.

As I dived into the assignments I felt clarity and patterns emerge. Amazing insights and tips literally in minutes! Insights that ring true and intuitive. Susanna works fast but at full depth.

Being and HSP and an introvert, I found Susanna’s approach magically fitting – to the point, very professional, highly efficient and just enough interaction to get things done. And she didn’t mind me sending her hamster pictures for a laugh – because humour relaxes all of us, right? Thank you Susanna."

Masha Ellis


Visibility Coach for Introverts

Many women are shy talking about their work and promoting their talents, but there are ways to show up authentically your way to attract ideal clients to you. Your ideal client is the one that buys from you!

Being accountable to your personal coach over a period of time allows for true transformations to happen and habits to be change. There are no quick fixes - but lots of transformational moments along the way. 

Your hidden depths will emerge through my colour-based tools and exercises to transform you from shy to shining online, and be confident, visible and efficient in the way you work. It is important you develop your business vision in an authentic way.

After my first meeting with Susanna, I felt so much relief! I'm in the process of creating a website and had been experiencing difficulty trying to narrow down and pinpoint the best colors for my business. Susanna really helped me zone in on the right color combinations to create a look and feel that truly reflects what I offer to clients. She had such great suggestions and ideas, and I came away from our meeting feeling energized and excited to get started. Color is such a huge part of branding, and choosing the right colors for you and your business is essential! I’m feeling confident in presenting myself and my business in a way that feels truly authentic. Thank you Susanna! "

Karin Elise

Why Colour? 

Colour builds visibility without shouting.

Colour can help build your confidence.

Colour is THE first thing all humans notice when meeting a person or a product for the first time. Our brains react to the light energy emitted by different colours which in turn affects how we feel.

In business, if you ignore the affect that colours have, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. And in the crowded marketplace every advantage should be seized.

connect to colour for your business:

The RIGHT colour increases

  • Personal CONFIDENCE
  • Emotional  CONNECTION
  • Business VISIBILITY

I found our calls and your preparation and tools very professional. I was impressed how clear a recommendation of colours can be. My initial question was answered to the point. I enjoy -and will!- working with you very much, I find you very understanding and good to talk with"

Mareike Fuisz

Mareike Fuisz

Are you ready to show up in your true colours? 
Schedule a free discovery call with me to find out 

Practical Help 

I support you, to move you forward and bring out your true colours to help you shine as your authentic and beautiful self. 

You need confidence and visibility to get your message out there.

I work with dedicated women who have the enthusiasm for real change and the determination that this is their year to make it happen. Together we will find your unique way to be visible to your tribe. 

Remember: Focus on connection and quality of contacts rather than mass email lists with many people on who will never buy from you. 

You need to communicate authentically and be visible to your clients.

Are you still hiding? 

Schedule a free discovery call with me and hear my top tips to stop hiding today.

Susanna Reay

Having lived in over 20 locations around the world in my life, each time needing to show up as me to get started again, which was tough as I am an introvert, but I have learnt to manage my energy flow with techniques to make walking into a room full of strangers possible. 

I have over 25 years working with colour, design, marketing and project management for business start-ups and entrepreneurs. In 2006 my MBA research focused on successful female entrepreneurs, looking specifically ay how networking aids expatriate female entrepreneurs. I was at the front of the curve with connecting women together to create strategic partnerships, as they work. No competition, just collaboration.

While living abroad I also worked as a transition coach for expats, helping them through the tough times and giving guidance on how to become settled in a foreign land. Taking you on the path from shy to shining is very similar to being new in a foreign land - though this time the foreign land is the established business world that you need to show up in. 

Let me be your personal cheerleader for success.

Very little phases me... So long as I have my quiet space to work it all out in! I know I can help you be confident and visible in your business, so please reach out and let's chat!

What colour will support you today?


Start Your Colour Journey Now, with this free gift of my high quality Harness the Power of Colour Chart. A quick checklist to start your day with to tackle the tasks ahead.

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"Using colour is an expression of yourself and colours affect your emotions and your confidence to step out and step up in life." 

Susanna Reay,  Colour Expert & Business Catalyst


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