What do you need to accomplish today?

Would you like to

  • Stop hiding from your audience?
  • Be visible without draining all your energy?
  • Beat social media overwhelm?
  • Create a content strategy that works?
  • Connect to your prospective clients or customers in a relaxed way?

The overarching question you need answered is

“How do you show up as your real self, be confident, and attract customers to your offer?”

You may have tried other online coaches, but discovered that they did not give you the structure that worked with your energy patterns as an introvert. Others did not get how you need to balance your week. 

Walking your own unique path to success will become second nature as you follow my Golden Visibility framework. The success you are dreaming of is just around the corner.

Golden Visibility takes you on the journey from being erratic at best with showing up, to having a visibility framework to follow that works and creates a sustainable business model.

Many of my clients tell me they have been hiding for years, they are consumed with worries about what others may think and fear whether they are good enough to really succeed. They do not have a distinctive brand and just keep shooting from the hip with marketing strategies.

Formal design & business qualifications combined with a speciality in colour psychology allows me to bring a unique perspective to your visibility and ability to attract customers.


Having worked with small startups and solo entrepreneurs for over a decade across multiple countries and industries, I understand the cultural complexities that need to be taken into account when marketing your offer.

As creative introverts, we need to look after our health and energy as much as the income and ring-fence creative time.

That’s the exact reason I created Golden Visibility to take you from being frozen and standing on the sidelines watching others success to taking a piece of that spotlight showcasing your products and services.


Visibility Coach for Introverts

What that means for you is, you will have all the tools you need to go from a seed in the ground, still growing roots, into a tall shining sunflower that’s the star of the garden!


After my first meeting with Susanna, I felt so much relief! I'm in the process of creating a website and had been experiencing difficulty trying to narrow down and pinpoint the best colors for my business. Susanna really helped me zone in on the right color combinations to create a look and feel that truly reflects what I offer to clients. She had such great suggestions and ideas, and I came away from our meeting feeling energized and excited to get started. Color is such a huge part of branding, and choosing the right colors for you and your business is essential! I’m feeling confident in presenting myself and my business in a way that feels truly authentic. Thank you Susanna! "

Karin Elise

I found our calls and your preparation and tools very professional. I was impressed how clear a recommendation of colours can be. My initial question was answered to the point. I enjoy -and will!- working with you very much, I find you very understanding and good to talk with"

Mareike Fuisz

Mareike Fuisz

Now I feel like I am ready to step into the year with purpose. Getting ready to take flight in February! Thanks for your input yesterday Susanna - and helping to start the shift of my January blues! I see clearly the possibilities now, on a much grander scale than I would otherwise have dared, or allowed. "

Debra Wenlock Art

Debra Wenlock

It is all about balance, Susanna Reay told me. Take some time to draw or paint, something you like to do. One day I was in the mood of overwhelm. On her advice I picked a canvas and just painted. The result does not matter, but I paint again and that was great and I got new energy! "

Simone Houtman, visual artist.

Simone Houtman

I wasn’t prepared when we first met and had only a vague idea of what I needed. In the hour we spoke on Skype, I made pages and pages of notes and got TWO fun assignments.

As I dived into the assignments I felt clarity and patterns emerge. Amazing insights and tips literally in minutes! Insights that ring true and intuitive. Susanna works fast but at full depth.

Being and HSP and an introvert, I found Susanna’s approach magically fitting – to the point, very professional, highly efficient and just enough interaction to get things done. And she didn’t mind me sending her hamster pictures for a laugh – because humour relaxes all of us, right? Thank you Susanna."

Masha Ellis