Go from Zero to Published Offer 

in 10 weeks or less

Are you expanding your service portfolio online?

  • Are you unsure of what your clients really want from you?
  • Are you finding your time or energy limiting your revenue?
  • Are you a service-based entrepreneur who is more introverted in nature?

You are likely a coach, a consultant, a healer, a creative, who has been hoping clients will just find you. But not enough do.

  • You know a change is needed to start attracting more customers, but you are not sure how to start. Or well you do know but you never get round to doing it!
  • You may have worked mainly offline but see possibilities working online and you are curious on how to get this started
  • You have worked from job to job and now you need goals and a strategy to take you forward and start taking your business seriously.

This high-touch online training experience 

is designed to achieve results that can be used again and again

You are ideally placed to succeed...

Creating a business online is THE PERFECT VENUE for introverted woman like us, so long as we follow a strategy that balances with our personality and get the personal help we need to be seen, heard and grow OUR WAY.

You have tried to do things yourself, you’re pretty resourceful, willing to give it a try, but you have got stuck, you have so many ideas you confuse and muddy the waters all the time, and now you know that to see growth you need to have a guide to show you clearly, step-by-step what to do.

It's time to finally nail your signature offer that attracts and engages clients on a regular basis.

The Signature Offer System 

does exactly this for you

See results every week

This program is an EXPERIENCE because every week you will be seeing results and progress as you take the right action and solidify exactly what you do, who you do it for and why they need you through the process of CRAFTING YOUR SIGNATURE OFFER.

THE most important page on your website is your SALES PAGE. This is the page your clients needs come first and your story is told. The sales page is the front door to your business, that is steeped in your knowledge and expertise.

When crafted correctly, the Sales Page is far more than words and images.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to...


Your Signature Offer

in 10 weeks or less, so that you can expand your business online, earn your true worth and live the life you desire.

Your Signature Offer is the offer at the heart of your business,

the one that calls your people to you. 

A Signature Offer is not just created in a moment in your head...

It is crafted from your experiences, your expertise and the needs of your clients.

  • Say goodbye to indecision and procrastination for good as your productivity soars following the Signature Offer System
  • See new clients reach out to you as you are creating the perfect offers for them right now
  • Be confident and clear in your marketing message as you answer the call of your clients

The Signature Offer System 

creates a sales page that converts

The Signature Offer System 

shows your 


To create an offer that SELLS online, follow the Signature Offer System, so that you can launch with confidence and welcome new clients. 

In 10 weeks or less, you will have published your lucrative Signature Offer, and be ready to start your first marketing campaign.

Why You'll Love Working With Me... 

There are a lot of other people teaching product creation, but no one is doing it quite in the way that I’m doing it.

Most people throw a lot of information at you and expect you to then take it from there. 

Very few are providing the high-touch training experience that gives continuous advice on your copy and visuals as well as your business strategy to allow you to express more of who you are, your gifts, your values and your life experience.

Susanna Reay

"During our time together, you will receive focused support as you develop your Signature Offer so that you can transform your business by transforming your customers lives." Susanna Reay

I have personally supported over 500 women entrepreneurs across the globe to grow their business and visibility online, The Introvert Way, since I refocused on my business in 2016. 

Business, Design and Marketing has been in my veins since I started working over 25 years ago. I have grown with the rise of the internet, learning all the time as each new platform arose (and fell in some cases), seeing what works and what doesn't. My deep delve into the psychology of colour in marketing has influenced much of my success, as it will yours too as you elevate your business this during the Signature Offer System training, using the triad to business success: Vision, Voice and Visuals. 

As an introvert, I've had to create boundaries to avoid burnout from extrovert-facing online business trainings which just didn’t work with my personality and made me feel inadequate. And that is why I am here for you, now in this moment, to lead you gently by the hand, in the direction you wish for your business to grow. We grow and see success so much faster in small group training programs. Large groups leave us feeling invisible and escalate imposter syndrome, as we can't but help to listen to everyone else and compare ourselves.

The Signature Offer System 

builds your confidence in yourself

Claudia shares her experience ...

Susanna is someone who has tons of experience yet coaches you on the level you're at, really nice and friendly, she has so much patience as we keep asking questions over and over, she motivates you and tags you and corrects and suggests new options.  It was a game changer for me and I learned so much.  I love her personal in depth approach.  

My biggest win is by far finally creating something WITH the help of a professional (Susanna Reay), instead of getting some info and then having to wing it yourself.  

You just don't know what you don't know and I can write 100 more emails and texts, if no-one corrects me, I won't grow.  And this is exactly what I love about how you run your courses. Claudia De Voogt

No student is left behind.

To ensure you get the support you need to progress, there are 2 ways we stay personally connected throughout our time together.

  • We meet weekly in small group coaching pods (maximum 6 people per pod), where you receive the time and attention you need to move forward. 
  • Your personal Milestone Document will keep you accountable at regular points through the program, to make sure you are progressing on the right track. This document is just between you and me.

Personal Support every week.

Each week, you will get access to new video training that takes you step by step with one action at a time, that will focus on your gifts and how you can apply what matters the most to your customers, taking the time to really listen to and respond to what your clients desire. 

During the training, you will experience my gift of translating ideas into elegant structures show up, as I coach with you directly in our small pod coaching calls and also through the frameworks, exercises, and templates I provide in this experience that help you discover the essence of what you want to offer and translate it into a structure that sells your signature offer.

On top of all of this, you get a

 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

which means this is a no-risk investment.

Are you Ready to Accept Your Mission?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ...

Go from Zero to Published 

in 10 weeks or less, following the 

Signature Offer System

so that you can expand your business online, 

earn your true worth and live the life you desire.

What's Inside:

This training will lead you step by step through the process of just doing it. Simply follow the program, do one training and one action at a time and before you know it you’ll hit Mission Accomplished!

The Signature Offer System is a 10-week group coaching program that includes 5 modules:

  • Set Up for Success   You’ll choose your product and create your own personalised Online Offer Blueprint. If you have no product idea yet, no problem - we will find the product in this time together!
  • Your Eureka! Moment   You’ll realise what makes your product unique and generate your first leads before you have published your offer!
  • Discover the Diamonds   How to make your product irresistible so people can’t help but say yes! 
  • Set off Sparklers   The key elements to get clients lining up at your front door, credit card in hand.
  • Ducks in a Row   Follow the stress-free SOS template that brings everything you need together to make the perfect sale.
  • SUCCESS!  You’ve created and published a lucrative Signature Offer and we celebrate together at our LIVE Mastermind event!

At the end you will have published your lucrative Signature Offer, and be ready to start your first marketing campaign.

Britt loved the focus ...

If you want a world class coach who really cares about you, your doubts, failures and wins - then go for Susanna. Susanna has not only huge knowledge but she really cares about her clients. She gives laser focused advice on the next steps to go and how to get there in an easy way even introvert people dare to go.

If you get stuck Susanna helps you to focus and break things up into the smallest possible bites you can take. Baby-steps help you to reach your goal without getting overwhelmed.

Susanna teaches you all you need in an easy to understand, even fun way (!) and helps you keep on track. Her advice is personalised to your special needs and if you follow her steps success is inevitable. Britt Tassenbacher

What You Get in Detail

  • Weekly Live Coaching in small group pods (5 max. per session) where you can get all your questions answered and benefit from others in your group.  During the on-boarding survey, you will say which coaching times work best for you. 
  • Tech Support Sessions - focusing on what you need in the current module to succeed, this is the place to squash those tech demons at the start of each module
  • Personal accountability in your Milestone Document to make sure you are staying on track to meet mission accomplished
  • Video training dropped weekly with defined actions at the end of every lesson, that you check off and earn points to keep you moving forward.
  • 3 implementation weeks are included to allow you time to fully implement the actions
  • Replays of all live coaching sessions to refer back to as required

And if that wasn't enough, how about th​​​​e following that are included to ensure your success...


Complete Website Bundle Know exactly what to place where on your website to make the biggest impact and convert visitors to clients.

Value $197


Marketing & Mindset Pack: 24 motivational, thought provoking and practical talks by Introvert Entrepreneurs who share their wisdom from sales techniques, to launching online, to getting past self-sabotage.

Value $1997


You get a mid-program 60 minute private session, so you get that extra help just when you need it the most.

Value $500

Jane loved the individual help ...

Susanna has your best interests at heart. She is always ready to assist, encourage and inspire you to take the bigger actions your business needs. She gives you detailed individualised help and very obviously loves her work with in turn transfers to her clients. 

Susanna gave me the encouragement to just keep going. I do something very intensely for a few weeks then I need to pull back a bit to recover and take care of myself, I need to pull back and look after myself. I am very happy to have worked with you Susanna, thank you very much. Jane Adlington


This high-touch program gives you

  • Over 15 hours live coaching provided to ensure your success (valued at $3000)
  • Individual weekly accountability (valued at $2000)
  • Tech support sessions (value $1200)
  • 10 weeks of focused training videos (valued at $997)
  • Bonuses (valued at $2694)

Total value $9,891

Your total investment is $1997 

Will you accept your mission?


Your Signature Offer

in 10 weeks or less, so that you can expand your business online, earn your true worth and live the life you desire.


New client applications are accepted continually, with new cohorts being created on a regular basis. Add you details below to start the application process, which makes sure you are in exactly the right space before joining this program. There is no commitment at this stage.

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee that you will have Your Signature Offer published and ready to bring in sales at the end of the program or I will keep working with you until you get this result. 

That means I’m personally guaranteeing your success.

And it also means that you risk absolutely nothing by joining the Signature Offer System, because by the end of the course you will have Your Signature Offer published online and attracting new clients so you can grow your business, and if you don’t, I’ll be with you until you do!

It’s important that you are 100% in and 100% committed to do the assignments given through the program to achieve mission accomplished. I require you to turn in your homework and complete assignments in order to be eligible for the extra training. Full details here

You will have continued access to all trainings so you can refer back to the system again and again in your business.


I adore questions, so make a list and send them over! This program is designed for those committed to growing their business online and need support to make this happen. Growing a business on your own can be lonely, and confusing. You may often run into dead-ends and feel your last chance to make this happen is close. That is when people come to me, they tried the big name programs like B-school, got lost in the crowd and felt it just wasn't them. I hear you. I see you. Let's talk... 

My goal is to make you feel 100% comfortable that working with me is exactly the right thing for you at this point in time.

If you prefer, you can also send me an email and we can chat that way, or get on Facebook Messenger, or Instagram direct message. Basically I would LOVE to talk to you about this opportunity! 

If this program isn't 100% right, I will provide you with alternative options to make sure you continue your business journey to success, harnessing your introvert power along the way.

Your Time investment

Allow 2 hours every week to attend live coaching and watch the training materials, and then a minimum of 30 minutes a day focused work will bring success, but like everything, the more hours and attention you put into the program the better the outcome and results you will see for your business.

You will receive the whole program schedule at the start, so you can reserve every session in your calendar to make sure you get the biggest benefit. Live sessions will be available to watch on replay within your MemberZone.

There are 3 implementation weeks added into the program (meaning we are together for 13 weeks in total) to allow you the time to catch up if needed.

What days Are The Training Sessions?

The face to face training sessions occur on Friday of each action week, but this can be subject to change and the needs of the cohort. Being a small group, builds in flexibility of connection and working around public holidays. 

Recorded content drops on a Monday. 

But I'm not so good on the tech part...

Don't worry!

I've got you covered!

At the start of each module, I will run a Tech Tuesday live session, taking you step by step through the tech that you need for the next immediate steps. 

We all learn the best by doing, and the best time to learn new tech is by taking action at the points we need to use it! So you will get demonstrations on how to set up all the elements required to create a killer signature offer. 

My business language isn't English...  

The power in the Signature Offer System is the System itself, in how you set up your offer and the components you bring to your audience. 

When reviewing your website page, Chrome does a very good job translating for me to make sure you have all the right elements in the right sequence. I have worked this way with European entrepreneurs in the past and I am very happy to do so again. 

Clients Love...

I really like your small group programs, feeling how I need to make important things first then trying to improve things slowly. You post on insta about art today is wow. You are an artist in your business, true. Understanding us ... helping us.

Come join amazing woman, led by Susanna, who can help you clear your business idea and also support you with her deep knowledge about technical stuff. Beside that Susanna is really good listener and she'll call you back if she sees that she find something more that's good for you to do.” Mojca

"A session with Susanna is like a breath of fresh air for your business. She can cut through all the noise there is. Hand over, like hot bread, great ideas for both visibility and tips on how to manage your social media from a being-less-overwhelmed position. This is want I need as a highly sensitive person and she is gifted this woman." Marian

"Susanna is able to make you think of different ways on how to structure your work and your approaches in a simple, down to earth and super affective ways.

She challenges you to think out of the box by staying true to yourself and to not feel overwhelmed... her training felt as if we would sit face to face and have a conversation on how to get my business out there and to be more seen, rather then being lectured.

And on top of it all, all this happened with a lot of fun, too. Attending the training - listening to the videos and following up on the tasks brought joy, motivation and encouragement." Ann-Katrin

Ann-Katrin Van Schie

"I had been working for days on my landing page, and I knew I needed the professional, experienced help of someone who understands what I am doing. I felt a bit lost...afraid that the value I created would be mediocre presented… At the end of our session, I felt uplifted and I trusting that this will be good! The help Susanna provided in such a short time was super valuable. Susanna is a great person to brainstorm with, very clear and to the point." Cecile

With her genius and patient personality, understanding, empathy and a stunning in depth knowledge, encompassing lots of different details that are important when you feel lost and overwhelmed in the very beginning, she inspires you with an inner abundance of ideas and expertise which is absolutely outstanding – Just amazing!!!

You have to experience this otherwise it is impossible to imagine her kind of didactic approach to numerous subjects of the course she is proficient in. If you are looking for something similar… well I am convinced it does NOT exist as … at least for me…. Her structure and comprehensive kind of teaching is just UNIQUE! Susanna will prepare you to have the right inner mind-set that makes you shine in the outer world. Wow…. She works from the bottom of her heart, creating a vision and giving you the strategy for your future or already existing business that will make you feel sure so that you will be ready to take action in the outer world." Maria

"Susanna is very friendly person and knows exactly about the problems of introvert and creative minds. She helps you with your good ideas to move forward and create better Facebook Page and more interaction with your clients and colleagues and other helpful people. You will notice a move in your business" Susanne

"Susanna will get you going, steadily and strongly. Susanna is a caring and generous coach. Of course, she knows her trade very well and delivers all in portions that are doable. She will provide you not only with her great knowledge but with the right amount of emotional support that carries you through until you can celebrate." DanaGita

"As an introvert who is often overwhelmed by all the tasks I put myself on the plate, Susanna delivers the best strategies and tools not only organise myself better but also learn to focus on only some goals and reach them. She is a very warm person and an experienced teacher, always there to answer questions and help." Beate

You will be blown away by Susanna’s amazing knack of coming up with personalised ways of getting you moving forward. She has a sharp intuition for business and a really infectious enthusiasm.” Debra

"I was feeling overwhelmed, drained and stressed out with a pile of tasks that I didn't know how to handle and I thought Susanna could help me handle it in a different way. I feel happy that I reached out to her, now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have a plan to get my daily task accomplished with grace and ease and no stress. Many thanks Susanna!" Veronica

"I love working with Susanna and you will too! Her course materials are superb, her masterclasses are a joy and Susanna brings a wealth of expertise, warmth and approachability that makes you feel confident to be visible. I admire what you do Susanna, how confident, engaging and supportive you are; how effortless you make running your course seem when I can see how much work has gone into producing it all; how you take everything in your stride, eg, when your laptop or other device suddenly plays your own voice to you in the middle of a Live you take that vulnerability in your stride and it makes me relax into the course and feel I don't have to be perfect and yet it is perfect; above all, the confidence you've inspired in me is priceless. If you get the opportunity to work with Susanna definitely go for it!” Debra


Because of the nature of this program, I don’t offer ANY refund or return. Unlike other business programs and info-products where you’re left to “figure it out”, this course offers 30+ hours of live coaching as well as material and additional support designed to guide you through the process of creating Your Signature Offer. 

Since the process is inherently challenging, and at times may not be fun or pleasant to work through, I understand that it’s sometimes easier to request a refund and not deal with this stuff rather than face the emotional blocks, baggage, and the hard work necessary to be successful in this program.

But I believe in you, and I have made a commitment to guiding you through to the other side.

I guarantee that you will have Your Signature Offer published and ready to bring in sales at the end of the program or I will keep working with you until you get this result. 

That means I’m personally guaranteeing your success.

And it also means that you risk absolutely nothing by joining the Signature Offer System, because by the end of the course you will have Your Signature Offer published online and attracting new clients so you can grow your business, and if you don’t, I’ll be with you until you do!

It’s important that you are 100% in and 100% committed to do the assignments given through the program to achieve mission accomplished. I require you to turn in your homework and complete assignments in order to be eligible for the extra training.

Otherwise it’s easy to run away or quit when the going gets tough. There are no refunds on Coaching and Consulting, because once I spend my time with you, I can’t get it back.

I can’t guarantee results in a coaching or consulting relationship because results depend on your openness to being coached and your willingness to do the work.

To qualify, just do these few things:

  • Sign our legal guarantee signifying that you understand the terms of the guarantee by the deadline (located on the homepage of the SOS membership site)
  • Follow the simple step-by-step instructions I’ll give you and put SOS into action 
  • Use the support, and the resources that are available to you
  • Attend the Live coaching calls
  • Do all the assignments and document your work along the way, with the last submission accepted the week after the program finishes.

Then by the end of the 10 week program you’ll either have your Signature Offer published, or you will have access to additional coaching sessions available until you do!

My goal is for everyone to be eligible for the guarantee, since I know that you will be successful when you do the work. 

It’s way more valuable to you to have Your Signature Offer up and running, bringing repeat income than it is to get your investment back from me, because if you can do it once, you can do it again.

And I’m dedicated to setting you up for success both now and in the future. 

That’s why I’m more than happy to offer this guarantee to students who do the work. I know how transformational it is to do the work, so I’m more than happy to put my time where my mouth is and make a scary, you can’t fail results-guaranteed guarantee! 

To Your Success!

Susanna Reay

Will you accept your mission?


Your Signature Offer

in 10 weeks or less, so that you can expand your business online, earn your true worth and live the life you desire.

New client intake happens once per quarter, add your details to get on the waiting list, to snag one of the limited spaces in this exclusive, small group program