ATTN: Coaches, Consultants & Digital Creators

The clients who find you, love your service, but not enough people are finding you... and that needs to change.
Susanna Reay SPARK Space

It's time to find the way forward that fits you

!! Stop wasting money on courses that sit on your hard drive gathering dust !!

Instead start implementing your amazing ideas,

meet new business buddies and ignite your business one easy-to-follow monthly mission at a time with your mentor and guide, Susanna Reay.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You find yourself running around the internet, looking for people to serve, but feeling like your business is never going to take off as you've no more energy to give, you are at your limit.
  • It feels like you need to become someone who you are not to do all the things that are needed to create any results as the online 'gurus' are all spouting the same extreme strategies.
  • You wake up dreading the "should-do" tasks ahead and wonder where your initial joy has gone to as you mull over endlessly why you don't have the success you dream of. 

  Do you want to increase your impact without selling your soul pretending to be someone you are not?  

Good news: 

You don’t have to be anything you’re not and you can still grow a business you’re proud of that makes you money.

There is a different way

The way you’re doing marketing is SO draining. It isn’t for you. At ALL.

Between the tech and the (over) sharing online, it just doesn’t fit right. And honestly, it doesn’t feel like you’re truly connecting with people this way.

I know how it feels to follow all the “experts’” advice only to have it feel…gross. Draining. Like a square peg in a round hole.

Being a heart-led entrepreneur is a superpower - you just need to know how to use it. How to add in the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

AND it all starts by connecting with surrounding yourself with like-minded business owners.

Susanna Reay making the pieces fit

you are just one-step away from

the break-through

you've been searching for!


  • Sharing your coaching offers with complete clarity as you utilise powerful Sparkle Frameworks® that make talking about what you do a joy as you boost your confidence.
  • Having an engaged audience online that responds to your compelling offers as you receive automatic sign-ups without endless conversations as you  boost your influence.
  • Running a streamlined business following your Aligned Sparkle Pathway™ that gives you time out to enjoy life and serve your full client list as you  boost your bottom line.

Introducing The Spark Space

Designed for service providers in the business of transformation

The Spark Space is a unique 12 month support and implementation experience hosted by Susanna Reay

Together we will design your ideal business

(even if you feel uncomfortable having the spotlight on you right now)

Is this for me?

Designed for coaches, consultants, digital creators, thought-leaders, change-makers, heart-led business owners. For entrepreneurs on the edge of making an impact.

You are ready to take this step if... 

  • You have already served some clients and LOVE what you do, and you want to do MORE of the same.
  • You having been testing many different ideas and now want to focus in to really make an impact. Working on your business is a priority this year.
  • You appreciate high quality, good design and are ready to share your inner gold with more people.

You are ready to show up, be seen, heard & respected.

Discover how to

engage, excite, and entice your people 

in a way that is aligned to your values and energises you to do more!

(It's totally possible!)

The Spark Space is a 12 month online

mentoring, accountability & implementation mastermind 

like no other as everything is aligned to you!

  • A space where your ideas can ignite and grow
  • A space where we celebrate and bring joy
  • A space where we commiserate and keep it real too

We take action together via

1) Live training in Zoom on 1st Thursdays based on the Monthly Mission (recorded for those that can't attend live)

2) Weekly support inside our members-only Facebook community to build momentum and never leave you feeling flummoxed or stuck!

3) Peer Mastermind calls in Zoom on 3rd Thursdays to give feedback on the mission so far to gain greater clarity.

BONUS: Gather for 3 x 2-day virtual Spark Events, to deep-dive into the Spark to Scale System™.

BONUS: Join the annual Signature Offer Sprint to create or revitalise the offer at the heart of your business; includes 6 bonus coaching sessions.

Susanna Reay_Business and Marketing Frameworks

Susanna will guide you every step of the way

You will be seen, heard & respected.

There are 3 key components that align to create a successful service business:

Spark Circles by Susanna Reay

In our year together, you will

  • say goodbye to feeling fraught as you develop deep connections
  • say goodbye to feeling fruitless as you create compelling content
  • say goodbye to feeling frazzled as you set up scalable systems 

to allow you more space to do what you do best

Join fellow heart-led transformational coaches and consultants as you collaborate to ignite your business and never feel alone again.

About Your Host ~ Susanna Reay

Susanna Reay is an award-winning coach, writer, and speaker who’s been bringing clarity, focus and structure into small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups for over 20 years.

 Susanna brings a unique perspective informed by her training in business strategy and design, her life-long interest in psychology and strengths as an introverted online business builder.

Her courses, book and mentoring have been the catalyst for growth for clients who’ve integrated Sparkle Frameworks® into their business. 

She helps the unseen be seen, heard and respected.

As featured in

Published in BRAND YOU Magazine

The Spark Space is a unique mastermind experience

highlight your inner gold

create compelling offers

set up sustainable systemS


A Monthly Mission email will arrive in your inbox, providing direction and focus to specific training and the community sessions will focus on these areas.

Live coaching with Susanna happens on 1st Thursdays then we gather to mastermind on 3rd Thursdays to ensure you are implementing the missions!


How to connect and grow your audience as we delve into the ideal content pillars for your people, and plan out your content for the year ahead.


We will take a look at your social insights, and see what you need to do more of and how best to show up to convert followers into clients. We level up how you show up!


Connecting with your subscribers on a regular basis keeps you front of mind as you create conversations and excitement around your offers. This month we ensure you have an automated system that supports your email goals.


Fire up the excitement for your services as you create live experiences for prospects to join you at, online or in person. Implementation is the name of the game!


Before anyone buys your offer they need to have had at least 11 touchpoints into your world, with the most important being when they buy your knowledge with their email. Let's get that touchpoint working for you.


Set up and sell your entry product. This is the first paid experience that will wow your audience and bring in rave reviews.


At the heart of your business, you need a signature offer, this is the one that calls out to your people, the one you get referrals to and brings in the majority of your income.


Decide what your VIP experience looks like, this is the one that serves up the cocktails with a concierge service to your closest clients.


Your brand is everywhere online, and your website which is your online home needs to stay aligned to your latest visibility. Fresh eyes on your website will ensure your messaging is strong.


Business is all about person to person connection, especially when you work in the business of transformation. We tackle habits that create overwhelm and share secrets to personal outreach without the sleaze.


We reflect on your whole business constellation and set in place for plans to roll forward. Decide what to grow and what to let go. Ensuring all the time that your business is aligned to you. 


Discover how to harness the power of other people's audiences to propel your star higher as you reach more people with ease and grace.

Note: These are not long yawn-worthy videos, instead they are punchy live training sessions with workbooks and templates to use right away in your business.

Listen in live at the start of the month, then implement alone or with your peers.

say 'goodbye' to overwhelm and courses you never complete


Ignite your business one simple step at a time

The Spark to Scale System

The Spark to Scale System


Level Up Your Business

Throughout the year's membership, you will have a ticket to attend the high impact Spark to Scale live 2-day workshops.  These days we focus on different areas of the Spark to Scale System. 

Other methods show one solution onlyThat is not the case with the Spark to Scale System. This starts with you - your SPARK and grows from there. Everyone who attends will discover their unique path.

Whether you are just starting out or you've been struggling to make progress for years, this live 2 day workshop can help you break through the barriers that have been holding you back.

 * BONUS: Unique Virtual Experiences * 


3 x year we gather for a special two-day interactive Spark to Scale Virtual Events, each with a unique focus as you get live feedback on the projects that will drive your business forward. Your membership gifts you a free ticket to each event.

Your client's are our priority!

Together we ensure your client's receive an amazing experience from you at every touchpoint.


Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step 1 is to create engaging content that attracts your perfect people.


Step 2 is to create compelling content, so those that find you rave about your services to others! 


Customers served! 100 Customers served!

Step 3 is to set up smooth systems that lead your people into and through your service offers with ease.

The Spark Space is designed to fit around your business:

12 months group support, accountability and connection

  • Access to The Spark Space training & templates during membership. (value £3200)
  • 24 x Live feedback in The Spark Space members-only group. (value £2000)
  • 12 x Monthly Missions direct to your inbox. (value £600)
  • Ongoing Peer community connection & networking. (value £600)
  • Unique opportunity to present in the Powerhouse community (700+ members), be part of community bundle packages and other collaborations. (value priceless!)

PLUS Live Coaching held in Zoom

  • Monthly Coaching & Implementation Sessions with Susanna. (value £6,000)
  • Monthly Mastermind, Connection & Accountability Sessions. (value £2,000)
  • BONUS: 3 x Two-Day Immersive Virtual Experiences Tickets. (value £6,000)
  • BONUS: 6 additional live coaching sessions included for the annual Signature Offer Sprint held September - November each year. (value £3,000)
  • Member-only discounts for private packages. 

THE SPARK SPACE is designed for those wanting serious momentum and connection for their business this year. 

The Spark Space Will Become Your Online Home

Video Testimonials

Hear what SOS alumni have to say in their words.

Cara - Retail Consultant

Alison - Life Coach

Harriet - Brand Photographer

You will receive hands-on support every week that will power your business forwards through intimate online implementation sessions. This programme includes the best-selling Signature Offer System training that ignites your confidence as you show up as the professional you are.



  Get started with just £499 today  

If this sounds like something you've been looking for ... now is the day to join the The Spark Space 






Coaching & Implementation Calls

Every fortnight we meet live in Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 10am (UK) to delve into the Monthly Missions in person. 

The 1st Thursday of the month is live training on the topic with time to ask how this applies in your business. Then on the 3rd Thursdays we gather to mastermind the topic, give feedback on your implementation of the topic.

The Spark Space is about getting stuff done rather than just talking about it! We regularly use the break out room feature so you are staying in a small group atmosphere, with Susanna ensuring that everyone who wishes to get feedback, does.

Everyone will have the chance to be seen, heard and respected. In fact it's an essential part of being in a Mastermind to share your knowledge and experience with fellow members too. This is not just about learning from Susanna. But you will get full support from Susanna in every call. 

As an introvert, prone to let others speak ahead of her always, Susanna knows that being held accountable and directly asked how YOU are getting on is the way to see progress.

The Spark Space is about showing up as the expert you are and that starts in The Spark Space Zoom calls!  Ring-fence Thursday's at 10am (UK) as sacred "work on your business time". 

We crystallise your business framework in The Spark Space

"I crystallised my framework in one session!" Kerri.B. Leadership Coach

Read what Kerri had to say

"I just finished a session with Susanna Reay. Oh, my goodness. So valuable.

So this may not make a lot of sense to you. Check it out. It makes a tonne of sense to me. And I'm going to be prettifying this, on some website tools that Susanna and I talked about.

But really, if you were thinking about all the brilliant ideas you have and knowing that they sort of know need to be put in some cohesive manner so that you can

pitch it to your clients and explain the journey you're going to take them on, that's called a framework.

And Susanna Reay is a game changer.

I have a PhD, I know theoretical frameworks. I've written on this stuff. But I was stuck when it came to my business on how to sort of take these really great ideas and put them in a cohesive visual as well as sort of a logical manner to put people through what I'm going to offer them and what I offer.

And so now I'm leaving just one session with Susanna, feeling like I'm more empowered to pitch what I can do for clients. It's logical, it's cohesive, and I really think it is capturing sort of the talent and the service that I bring to the world.

So do it. It's going to be worth it, and you're going to feel inspired and lighter like I do right now. So thanks so much Susanna, your Sparkle Framework is the bomb!"

~ Kerri Burchill PhD Leadership Trainer

Join The Spark Space

12 month membership

Deep support, accountability with live implementation events

Full Details - click to expand

  • Access to The Spark Space on-demand training & templates. (value £3200)
  • 24 x Live feedback in The Spark Space members-only group. (value £2000)
  • 12 x Monthly Missions direct to your inbox. (value £600)
  • Ongoing Peer community connection & networking. (value priceless!)
  • Unique opportunity to present in the Powerhouse community (700+ members), be part of community bundle packages and other collaborations. (value priceless!)
  • Monthly Coaching & Implementation Sessions with Susanna. (value £6,000)
  • Peer Mastermind, Connection & Accountability Sessions. (value £3,000)
  • BONUS: 3 x Two-Day Immersive Virtual Experiences Tickets. (value £6,000)
  • BONUS: 6 additional live coaching sessions included for the annual Signature Offer Sprint held September - November each year. (value £3,000)
  • BONUS: Member-only discounts for private packages. 


* only 9 spaces left at this price *



£499 today

Then 11 payments of £199


£2388 TODAY


Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm so confident The Spark Space will knock your transformational socks off with it's support, advice, knowledge and service that if you don't feel that you have finally found your online support home, you can request a full refund* within your first 14 days, no questions asked.

*see terms in FAQs

In the words of clients

Ali Oswald


 I definitely know I would never have got my academy off the ground if it wasn't for Susanna's training and the support of everybody else in the group. What Susanna doesn't know about launching a programme with all the tech that's involved isn't worth knowing. I never realised how much work went into building a Signature Offer. And I can't believe I have now got one of my very own built and ready to launch.

Mahesh Tailor


“You’ve helped me think deeper on each of the topics I coach. 

Your perception about things is really, really good - you are very talented at that. 

You can pick up any subject and dive right into it and analyse it then come up with some great insights - it’s just fantastic! ”

Kathy Hayman


The confidence Susanna's Signature Offer programme has given me in my ideas and the product I have created has been huge.  Susanna is definitely an "over-deliverer" - the support she provides throughout is exceptional.  I can safely say that the investment into this program has been worth every penny and more so if you have a program or a course in you trying to get out I can highly recommend Susanna. 




The Spark Space community is held inside of Facebook, as right now there is no other place that clients regularly are inside and engage with. I've tried other community spaces, paid and free and still Facebook comes out top with getting the most engagement. If you prefer not to join us in Facebook, that's okay, as you will be attending regular Zoom calls with us. 


Access live calls all held inside Zoom; you will be invited to subscribe to a Google Calendar on joining to auto-add all sessions to your calendar.

  • Coaching & Implementation calls are held on 1st Thursdays at 10am UK. 
  • Peer Connection & Mastermind calls are held on 3rd Thursdays at 10am UK
  • No calls in August. Take this time to focus on quieter inner work. You will still have access to community support and content that is designed to be self-led in this period that always goes by very fast!
  • All monthly coaching sessions are recorded so you can catch up on replay (1st Thursdays only) - Recordings are held in the membership for 12 months only, as the world moves on.
  • Peer Masterminds are not available to watch on replay as you need to be in the room where it happens! 

Occasionally the schedule may need to be altered due to Susanna's availability, but you will receive as much notice as possible of any changes.


  • Currently scheduled for 24/25 May 2024, 27/28 September 2023, 24/25 January 2024
  • All held online 10am - 2pm UK (4th week Wednesday and Thursday). There will be 2 short breaks at appropriate moments to refresh and refill!

On joining, you will receive a schedule with dates of the special 2-day deep dive events that occur three times in your membership year. You are gifted a free ticket to each event during your membership.

Spark Virtual Events are not available to watch fully on replay due to the interactive nature of these days. 


The Signature Offer Sprint (lovingly labelled SOS) includes extra sessions for those joining us.

  • Bonus calls run 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 10 from October - December.
  • All SOS coaching sessions are recorded so you can catch up on replay.

How does the 12 month plan work?

Spark Space plans officially start the first week of the month. So if you sign up on the 10th of the month, your membership starts from the 1st of the next month. 

If you wish to stay inside The Spark Space for subsequent years, you will receive a special renewal rate that will get emailed to you 2 months before the end of your membership plan.

During the 12 months you will get access to the on-demand training. Access goes when membership expires.

Do you provide refunds?

I'm so confident The Spark Space will knock your heart-led socks off with it's support, advice, knowledge and service that if you don't feel that you have finally found your online support home, you can request a full refund* within your first 14 days

If you suffer from impulsive course purchase syndrome, or if you're uncertain if this is right for you, please reach out by email with your questions before purchase to

Note that this is no magic pill, you will need to do the work, take action and implement the easy-to-implement strategies. But since you're reading this, I know you are serious about your business, so this shouldn't be a problem!

*Refund will be processed via your payment method minus bank charges, which I cannot redeem. As such if you are at all uncertain, the best thing to do is to reach out and ask me your questions before you purchase!


As numbers allow, I do open up guest tickets to the 2-DAY LIVE Spark to Scale Events, so stay subscribed if you'd like to start your membership with this event. Guest attendees will then have the opportunity to upgrade into The Spark Space with a special post-event offer. 

If you are looking for instant support, book in a 7 Day Blue Spark Package (£497) to get bespoke private mentoring. If you decide to join The Spark Space within 30 days of booking your Blue Spark Package, you will be offered to either "bank" a bonus private session or receive a special discount coupon to apply your membership. Susanna will share details with you after you've experienced her coaching. 

Here’s what people are saying about Susanna's online training courses and her training methods

Anna Allan

Organisation Queen

Susanna is the lady with that magic wand!

Susanna breaks down each bitesize piece of what is needed into logical steps. It makes it easy to formulate a plan much quicker than being left to 'think big'. If you want to clarify your message and ideas, Susanna is the lady with that magic wand! She gets you to think more laterally than you ever thought you could.

Angelika Breukers

Angelika Breukers

Life Coach - VIP Track

Practical solutions that were aligned to me

Susanna provided practical solutions that were aligned to what I needed. Now I have a system that has come together, I have a platform to grow from. Before it was written down on thousands of pieces of paper...but still in the air! Susanna took all the information that I had always in my head, and and put it into one strategic system. For me, it's important to have that in place, to have a great platform to start moving forward from. It flows. It's there. It's great."

Debra Parry

NLP Coach & Mentor

The course materials are superb!

I love working with Susanna and you will too! Susanna's course materials are superb, her masterclasses are a joy and Susanna brings a wealth of expertise, warmth and approachability that makes you feel confident to be visible. If you get the opportunity to work with Susanna definitely go for it!

Since 2017, Susanna has been producing 5* online courses to encourage, educate and leave the students motivated to take action. Her 92% completion rate statistics are unheard of in the industry, and alone is a testament to the high quality training inside.

Ignite Your Business Journey. Join us.

Are You Ready To ...

  • Say goodbye to indecision and procrastination for good as your confidence and clarity soars inside the The Spark Space™
  • See new clients reach out to you as you've created the perfect solution for them right now, as you meet them where they are at.
  • Be confident and clear in your marketing message as you answer the call of your clients, and let them know you are the right person to help them.

It's time to set up your business and send sparks flying as you earn your true worth.

A Personal Note

I'd love to support you to connect and engage with your perfect people online. This membership really is the missing link that sets you up for scalable success online in a way that suits you. At every turn we run a sanity check to ensure your business stays true to you.

Far too many courses get left on the digital shelf, but not this one, as you will get personal feedback and motivation every week to work through the easy, step-by-step guidance that will bring in a stream of clients and allow you to take time out when you need to.

I won't lie, there is work to be done, and you will need to get out of your head and move into action... but I will be with you each step of the way, guiding you with short, impactful exercises, templates and other creative ways to get your business thriving. 

See you on the inside,

Word to the wise: The internet is a dynamic space, always changing. And one of my passions is staying on top of those waves of change, like a pro-online-business-surfer. My programmes, workshops and even my free resources often change as I learn how to shift in the ways I show up, serve, and deliver a fantastic experience for you! That means that what is here, ready, and at an AMAZING price for you today may not be still at this price tomorrow - so don't hold back if this is what you need today.

So, hit that sign up button while the price is still low and let's ignite your business!