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I'm Susanna Reay, Business Spark and Offer Architect specialising in helping coaches and consultants design and scale their business online, The Introvert Way® with lots of sparkle added through my unique Sparkle Frameworks®.

As an introvert myself, I understand the importance of maintaining our energy boundaries to avoid burnout so we achieve the sustainable income and lifestyle we all desire.

I've been working online since 2006, and seen what works and what doesn't... so today I can share the years of experience with you, to save you time by giving you focused direction and accountability. The Introvert Way® Roadmap outlines the best way to grow your knowledge-based business online without overwhelm and exhaustion.

If you're wondering how my surname is pronounced, it's "RAY" as in a "SUN RAY".  I follow my name and bring rays of light into your business.

Sparkle Frameworks® are the culmination of my business, psychology and art background. I've found that using these unique frameworks are a key element in monetising your expertise.  A beautiful side effect is they increase both your confidence and brand message to ensure you connect with your audience in the best way possible, helping you not only stand out from your competition, but obliterate them as clients want to work solely with you and your methods.

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My Official Bio:

Susanna Reay is Europe's #1 Online Business Coach for Introverts on a mission and founder of The Introvert Way®. Known for her high impact, visual training methods, including her trademarked Sparkle Frameworks®, that pack a powerful punch for fellow introvert entrepreneurs who don’t wish to shout to be heard.

As a digital course expert, author and speaker Susanna has supported thousands of service-based business owners globally to set up and sell their expertise through online courses and high-ticket coaching programs to achieve financial and time freedom.

Her specialty lies in her unique ability to take anything complicated, dissect it and put it back together in such a way that's easy to understand and implement. And because of this, her clients gain clarity and receive amazing results in the shortest amount of time. Susanna believes that running a business should be fun, empowering and led with integrity.

Winner of Finance Monthly’s Global Coaching Awards 2022, CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 and recognised by Disruptors Magazine as “One to watch in 2022”

How this part of my life began

After having lived in the US, Switzerland and France for 14 years, my family and I moved back to the UK in 2015. Re-entering into the British society was tough. And although I was setting up a business each time I unpacked life with my family somewhere new, I initially considered getting a job to get to know others as much as earning. 

But walking past a marketing agency, looking in at the rows of computers made my heart plummet to the floor, and in that moment I knew that I was never going to be able to work in an environment like that. 

I wanted to work to live rather than live to work.

In 2012, I had used my experience supporting others to build my first online coaching business helping other expats to do the same but found that niche no longer worked when I arrived ‘home’ and I had to reinvent myself again.

But in 2015, I found myself struggling to grow a new online coaching business. I realised I was falling into the constant creation trap. I was constantly coming up with ideas but I wasn’t giving them long enough to develop. Nothing was gaining traction and I was also attracting the wrong people. I was shooting myself in the foot and I knew it. 

I was missing something vital.

To grow a business your clients must see an urgent need for your offering, be able to apply it to their own world easily and see results. ~ Susanna Reay

And this is how I support my clients today; I help introverts set up and sell their services online through high ticket offers, digital courses and on the odd occasion, memberships. Generally memberships are best left to those more extroverted in nature!

Why work with me, you ask?

I get tech and strategy as much as design and branding, so can uniquely bring these together.

As I pondered over all the clients I've worked with in the last decade, I realised many business owners get stuck as they have too many ideas, they don’t know where to focus their efforts, and while they might feel comfortable with one part of the equation, they don’t know how to do the other. I know how to package up offers to sell.

And that is exactly why I created my series of Sparkle Frameworks®. The series is ever-expanding and being rolled out through upcoming live workshops and training programmes for small business owners. Corporate teams who need their business development and marketing teams to realign also benefit from in-house workshops.

We get bombarded online with multiple "only solutions", but to create high value scalable offers, you need more than just a series of shiny offers that sit on your hard drive; you need a map, that shows you what to focus on and when. To reduce the overwhelm and this is why The Introvert Way® Roadmap was published in September 2021.

With 25+ years of experience working with enthusiastic entrepreneurs around the world across multiple industries, I love combing creativity and practical know-how together in my Sparkle Frameworks®.

The magic happens from my home studio, in the beautiful countryside south of Oxford in England, UK.

We work together on the three success dimensions:

1) connection

2) impact

3) structure

Business Spark Scorecard

Discover Your Business Spark Score!

In 3 minutes after answering 30 quick-fire questions you will get your personalised Spark Score with a  detailed report on which of the 3 success dimensions need to be developed. It's free and fast!

From A'Level Failure to Art and Business School Top Graduate

I was so stressed during my A'level exams, that I completely tanked them. I knew as I walked out the door that the grades I was looking for were not to be.

But this did not stop me, even then I knew I had inside of me what it takes for success, and with determination and consistency I went on to achieve top honours at both art school and business school, making my skills a unique mix in the business coaching world. 

When you work with me, you get a unique perspective into your business as we can combine your expertise with strategy and branding that brings you the Wow! impact and will leave you top of mind to clients as we transform the spark of an idea into a sparkling business.

Formal Qualifications include:

  • MBA Distinction in Business Management and Entrepreneurship 
  • 1st Class BSc. (Honours) in Textile Design and Design Management 
  • Graduate of many many online programs over the years as I am an eternal learner and seeker of new insights.

Claudia loves Susanna's personal in depth approach

Claudia De Voogt

Susanna is someone who has tons of experience, yet coaches you on the level you're at, really nice and friendly, she has so much patience as we keep asking questions over and over, she motivates you, and corrects and suggests new options.  It was a game changer for me and I learned so much.  

You just don't know what you don't know and I can write 100 more emails and texts, if no-one corrects me, I won't grow.  And this is exactly what I love about how Susanna runs her courses. My biggest win is by far finally creating something WITH the help of a professional, instead of getting some info and then having to wing it myself. I love Susanna's personal in depth approach.  

The success you are dreaming of is just around the corner

Together, we build your business in a comfortable, controlled way so that you can connect to more customers, without feeling overwhelm.

Determine your own unique online pathway to success,  as you follow The Introvert Way® Roadmap.

The Introvert Way® takes you on the journey from being erratic at best with showing up with strategic Sparkle Frameworks® to follow that shine the light ahead of you.

Many of my clients tell me they have been hiding for years... 

They are consumed with worries about what others may think and fear whether they are good enough to really succeed. 

When we work together, my clients realise

  • that they have never been clear enough about what they do, what they offer and how they can help their clients. 
  • they do not have a distinctive brand as they have been trying to copy others who are successful in their niche. 
  • they have been shooting from the hip trying out different marketing tools.

And that these things need to change. And doing it on your own is really tough, as they have tried that, and got nowhere. 

This is called the Introvert Hump... (Read more here)

You need to get out of your own way and be held accountable to make the changes you need to make, and stop thinking all the time that you must do more research, it's not right yet, you need more training. 

You are ready, right now to grow your business.

  • You are talented, and expert in your field but often so reticent to talk about your skills, that it is hard to figure out what you are actually doing or selling!  
  • You have been brought up to not boast, or talk about yourself and this overflows into your business.
  • As an introvert it can be hard to speak up and pulling attention to your offer seems impossible. You need to create your own proprietary process to talk about rather than endlessly talking about you!

And that is where I step in, to support your growth.

Using the right action steps, based on a structured marketing strategy and a strong brand presence,  you will show up authentically to your audience so you can generate real leads that grow your income.

I developed The Introvert Way® to support the quietly determined amongst us to thrive by following a framework that brings growth in a comfortable, controlled way. You will be able to connect with your audience in an authentic way, setting up a sustainable business marketing strategy and being able to live independently on your own income.

My clients say that I am the perfect online business coach, mentor and strategist, providing structure, motivation and passion with a big splash of colour and fun thrown in.

I can't wait to hear about your business!

Susanna Reay, Founder of The Introvert Way™

Anaël loved the personal support ...

Anaël Roseau

Susanna's support was encouraging, she is full of great ideas, a really good coach and listener, and with deep technical knowledge. Without her support and the accountability she provides, I would not have been able to finally launch my offer.

I really recommend Susanna's Signature Offer System training to people who are doubting they can do it! My biggest takeaway was the importance of aligning my offer to the lifestyle I lead now, and that it will evolve as my life does. Susanna is there for you and will make sure you will succeed at it. Just trust the process and keep going as the system works! At the end of this program, you will have found a way to package your knowledge and display it to attract your clients.

Business Spark Scorecard

Discover Your Business Spark Score!

In 3 minutes after answering 30 quick-fire questions you will get your personalised Spark Score with a  detailed report on which of the 3 success dimensions need to be developed. It's free and fast!

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What is 'The Introvert Way®'?

  • Are you paralysed by fear and doubt when thinking about how to grow your business?
  • Are you hiding from the growing pile of tasks you just don’t know how to handle?
  • Does your energy drain every time you think about showing up online?

I'm guessing you are an Introvert or a Highly Sensitive Extrovert, as these struggles are real when we decide to grow our business online.

Your business is likely to be heart-centred, fuelled by your passion to help others and you need to learn how to balance marketing with creation.

You see the potential in social media to reach new clients but have no idea where to start with your online business strategy.

You offer extraordinary services that wow your clients when they connect with you... but not enough are finding you, and you feel small. 

Your dream of having a profitable business with a successful strategy that allows for a flexible home-based life seems so far away.

YOU CAN control your business and your life with the right steps! It’s my job to plan and show you these steps, all you have to do is follow them.

The Introvert Way® works

You no longer need to feel lonely, lost or unmotivated.

Taking the right action and following the right business strategies is the secret behind the successful entrepreneurs you see online.

This may all sound daunting, but I promise you that you can do it, by taking one small action step each day.

My coaching works at your pace to achieve your goals.

And the best part? 

You don’t need to leave your home to do this!

You can achieve your desired business growth online and no longer need to class yourself as a small UK business!

Invest in your business today and see the huge amount of growth potential you can achieve through my online business coaching and consulting services.

What to Expect Working With Susanna 

Jane loved the individual help ...

Susanna has your best interests at heart. She is always ready to assist, encourage and inspire you to take the bigger actions your business needs. She gives you detailed individualised help and very obviously loves her work with in turn transfers to her clients. 

Susanna gave me the encouragement to just keep going. I do something very intensely for a few weeks then I need to pull back a bit to recover and take care of myself, I need to pull back and look after myself. I am very happy to have worked with you Susanna, thank you very much. Jane Adlington

I really like your small group programs, feeling how I need to make important things first then trying to improve things slowly. You post on insta about art today is wow. You are an artist in your business, true. Understanding us ... helping us.

Come join amazing woman, led by Susanna, who can help you clear your business idea and also support you with her deep knowledge about technical stuff. Beside that Susanna is really good listener and she'll call you back if she sees that she find something more that's good for you to do.” Mojca

"A session with Susanna is like a breath of fresh air for your business. She can cut through all the noise there is. Hand over, like hot bread, great ideas for both visibility and tips on how to manage your social media from a being-less-overwhelmed position. This is want I need as a highly sensitive person and she is gifted this woman." Marian

Ann-Katrin Van Schie

"Susanna is able to make you think of different ways on how to structure your work and your approaches in a simple, down to earth and super affective ways.

She challenges you to think out of the box by staying true to yourself and to not feel overwhelmed... her training felt as if we would sit face to face and have a conversation on how to get my business out there and to be more seen, rather then being lectured.

And on top of it all, all this happened with a lot of fun, too. Attending the training - listening to the videos and following up on the tasks brought joy, motivation and encouragement." Ann-Katrin

You will be blown away by Susanna’s amazing knack of coming up with personalised ways of getting you moving forward. She has a sharp intuition for business and a really infectious enthusiasm.” Debra