Online Intropreneur

The Power of the Introvert Entrepreneur

I help brilliant introvert business owners, like you, who have amazing products and services to share with the world but have yet to see the success that you deserve.

As an introvert you have a tendency to hold back and hide. You don't like to shout and push yourself forward. Yet you know you have a lot of value to give. 

The good news is creating a business online is THE PERFECT VENUE for the introverted business owner.

It levels out the playing field with all the extroverts. As online we can create strong brands that project our values and offers without needing to shout. We can find the channels that best suit our way of doing things and connect with those people who resonate with our message. 

Online, you are in control all the time:

  • Of the message you put out 'there'
  • When you wish to show up.
  • How you wish to show up

The only problem is, you are not exactly sure where "there" is... You are stuck in overwhelm and procrastination. Your energy drains away every time you get online and you are feeling that maybe this isn't the right place for you after all... and you are stopping your business success before it has had a chance to succeed. 

You know your business, but are uncertain of how to market yourself and really build your business.

It's time to Show Up & Shine!

Hello!  I’m Susanna Reay - your online business strategist, introvert coach, colour expert, artist, international citizen and mother to 2 beautiful creative girls.

If you're wondering how my surname is pronounced, it's "RAY" as in a "SUN RAY".  I follow my name and bring rays of light into your business.

I love connecting and coaching creative introvert entrepreneurs like you, so business grows and prospers as you show up consistently online with a clear focus, as I help you define your services so you can sell with ease.

I have a unique colour twist to selling which incorporates my love of the power that colour has and brings fun into otherwise dull business tools. My deep knowledge of colour psychology supports both your confidence and brand message to make sure you connect with your audience in the best way possible.

Structure, Strategy + Creativity

Formal design & business qualifications combined allows me to bring a unique perspective to your business and how you can attract customers online.

Having worked with small startups and solo entrepreneurs for over 25 years across multiple countries and industries, I understand the cultural complexities that need to be taken into account when marketing your offer online to an international audience. There are no boundaries on the internet.

My formal qualifications include;

MBA (Distinction) in Business Management and Entrepreneurialship, (1st Class BSc.(Hons) in Textile Design and Design Management, Kaizen Project Management training and a Licenseship of the Textile Institute for my work with colour.

The magic happens from my home studio, in the beautiful countryside south of Oxford in England, UK.

The success you are dreaming of is just around the corner

Together, we build your business in a comfortable, controlled way so that you can connect to more customers, without feeling overwhelm. 

Determine your own unique path to success,  as you follow The Introvert Way framework.

The Introvert Way takes you on the journey from being erratic at best with showing up to having a visibility framework to follow that works.

Many of my clients tell me they have been hiding for years, they are consumed with worries about what others may think and fear whether they are good enough to really succeed. 

When we work together, my clients realise

  • that they have never been clear enough about what they do, what they offer and how they can help their clients. 
  • they do not have a distinctive brand as they have been trying to copy others who are successful in their niche. 
  • they have been shooting from the hip trying out different marketing tools.

And that these things need to change. And doing it on your own is really tough, as they have tried that, and got nowhere. 

This is called the Introvert Hump... (Read more here)

You need to get out of your own way and be held accountable to make the changes you need to make, and stop thinking all the time that you must do more research, it's not right yet, you need more training. 

I know you are ready. RIGHT NOW. And I can show you that.

You are extremely talented but often so shy and demure about your skills, that is hard to figure out what you are actually doing or selling!  

You have been brought up to not boast, or talk about your yourself and this overflows into your business

As an introvert it is hard to speak up at the best of times and pulling attention to your offer seems impossible.


So that is where I come in.

Using the right action steps, based on a structured marketing strategy and a strong brand presence colours,  you will show up authentically to your audience so you can generate real leads that grow your income.

I developed The Introvert Way to provide a framework for you to follow in a comfortable, controlled way to gain followers and customers, without burning out. You will connect with your audience in an authentic way, setting up a sustainable business marketing strategy and able to live independently on your own income.

My clients say that I am the perfect online coach, mentor and strategist, providing structure, motivation and passion with a big splash of colour and fun thrown in.

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Need Direction?

Register for my MEMBER ZONE to access free online business training that sets you up the right way to run your business The Introvert Way.

My Bigger Why

I want my daughters to grow up in an equal world which honours and supports the women, and respects the introvert way of being. 

With the advent of the internet, the male gatekeepers are being pushed aside as the women are given access to the world as never before.

I want my daughters to be inspired by the success of creative business women in the world today, standing up and showing their talents, being heard and admired for their individuality.

Until I see real equality in the business world for women, in both income and recognition of talent, I will not sit easily.

We need the creative, introverted women to come out from the sidelines and stand up to be counted.

Will you join me in building a better business landscape?

I believe in you, I believe in your talents.

Every day, I work with amazing entrepreneurs like you and I know with the right support, you will shine and build the successful business you deserve.

Let’s discuss how I can help your unique offer to the world shine brighter!