There is so much advice out there. 

Different ways of doing things.

So much noise & hustle. 

The noise completely drowns your days and makes you feel like you are walking constantly through mud, getting stuck at every turn.

Overwhelm hits big time.

Imagine if you could just reach out for help and advice to get you moving in your flow again ...

Working with Susanna allows you to reconnect, realign and bring structure into your business, while honouring your introvert needs. 

You will start to build your business in a comfortable, controlled way, that transforms your business from hiding in the dark to being a shining star in the sky. 

You will create a structure that allows you to connect with your audience in an authentic way, setting up a sustainable business marketing strategy.

Ways to work with me: 

Is private coaching the best option for me?

Private coaching is for you when you want to take action that is streamlined for you and your business. 

My guess is you have already tried the following

  • to apply the free training you have watched  
  • paid for online courses that just kept giving you techniques that didn't feel right to you
  • read a million blog posts designed to help your business grow

But still you struggle with finding the diamonds is all the rough that is out there. You know what you want to do, and have been trying for a while to get noticed and attract clients, but you have come to a sticking point where no more progress is being made. This is when you need ono on one support from someone who has taken the steps before you and knows the way. 

Breakthroughs happen when we invest in ourselves and get the support we need.

Building a business incorporates many skills, and it is very hard to manage all of these on your own. At every corner you face new challenges, see new things to learn ... but are they relevant to you right now?

All the ads try to persuade you this is the case. It gets very pushy and noisy.

This is not what you need.

You need a steady hand to guide you on your path, to help you stay focused on what really matters to grow.

If this sounds like you, I can help you today move forward as I believe in you and your business

Read more about private coaching here


Susanna, you are inspiring, helpful, consistent...

Susanna, you are inspiring, helpful, consistent, you know a lot, it amazes me how much technical stuff you know, you keep the posts etc tidy, have structure.

I went from "I can not do and don't know to what I CAN say/do/write down... (from nothing to something)

Susanna is amazing in this course - she is a colour expert but also consistent, conscious, curious, confident.

Ellen Faber - Papercut Artist

I needed the framework you taught us

Thanks to you I now have a clear content strategy, with my branding colours and tools all worked out! I needed the framework you taught us; to do this first, then that. I already knew what I wanted to do/ had to do, but since so overwhelmed didn't get around to doing anything. If you have the opportunity to join the Golden Visibility course with Susanna; DO IT! You will not be disappointed.

Linda Linker - Fibre Artist

Amazing insights and tips literally in minutes!

I wasn’t prepared when we first met and had only a vague idea of what I needed. In the hour we spoke on Skype, I made pages and pages of notes and got TWO fun assignments. As I dived into the assignments I felt clarity and patterns emerge. Amazing insights and tips literally in minutes! Insights that ring true and intuitive. Susanna works fast but at full depth.

Being and HSP and an introvert, I found Susanna’s approach magically fitting – to the point, very professional, highly efficient and just enough interaction to get things done. And she didn’t mind me sending her hamster pictures for a laugh – because humour relaxes all of us, right? Thank you Susanna.

Masha Ellis - Real Food Nutritionist

I am ready to step into the year with purpose!

Now I feel like I am ready to step into the year with purpose. Getting ready to take flight in February! Thanks for your input yesterday Susanna - and helping to start the shift of my January blues! I see clearly the possibilities now, on a much grander scale than I would otherwise have dared, or allowed.

Debra Wenlock - Artist

go from hiding to calmly showing up

If you're an introvert struggling with overwhelm about the many possibilities just follow Susanna's lead. Golden Visibility is the missing link between branding and the needs of introverted entrepreneurs to be visible without overwhelm.

Susanna is excellent in providing relevant advice that will help entrepreneurs go from hiding to calmly showing up using her simple to use and super effective tools. If you yearn to be visible but you don't have a clue as to where to start, this is your program!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain - Brave Branding Queen

I find you very understanding and good to talk with

I found our calls and your preparation and tools very professional. I was impressed how clear a recommendation of colours can be. My initial question was answered to the point. I enjoy working with you very much, I find you very understanding and good to talk with.

Mareike Fuisz

JOIN if you want to get more clarity

I love Susanna's confident, clear and very warm-hearted way to explain different topics. The content of this course was to the point, highly efficient and I have gained more clarity about the use of colour for my brand. Susanna pushed me out of my comfort zone and I feel much more confident now, to become more visible online. Thank you very much Susanna for this fantastic course.

JOIN if you want to get more clarity about the impact of your colours and being more confident going on Facebook live.

Beate Schulz