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3 steps to attract new clients

Are you struggling to build a client list?

  • Discover the 3 vital steps to connect to those who need you
  • Learn how to set up your welcome email sequence that converts
  • Implement these 3 steps to start seeing results now

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Time to take action

You know you should show up more consistently... but something inside holds you back and ...

  • You are stuck in overwhelm and procrastination.
  • You know a change is needed to start attracting more customers, but you are not sure how, as nothing seems to work. 
  • You need to take control of your time so you can spend time creating and earning.

You have been "extroverting" for too long.

So many coaches proclaim to have the answer. You have signed up for some and not seen the promised results. 

This is because most online coaching programs are run by extroverts - and they share the methods that worked for them. And you tried that. And it was exhausting!

But you are an introvert. Highly likely an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) too. And those extrovert methods don't suit your personality. 

Hello my fellow intropreneur!

I'm Susanna Reay and I help quietly determined women, like you, who are building your business online, to show up confidently with a clear message to attract new clients. 

Your attempts so far may have led to frustration and doubts as to whether it is even possible.

I guide you forwards with clarity and focus so that you can confidently grow your business to have the impact you dream of.

Discover the Introvert Way

I have distilled the core focus points that you need to have in place to build your business one step at a time.

Working with me, you will discover how to get out of your own way and build your business with renewed confidence, so that showing up becomes an easy, natural part of your business flow, helping you bring in a stream of regular clients.

There are 2 ways to get the help you need today:

1) Join Golden Visibility: the online self-led program for introverts building their business online. Implement easy to follow lessons from the moment you sign up. Bring your questions to monthly tutor times with Susana. Read more here

2) Work directly with Susanna to get you the results you have been striving for that suit exactly where you are at right now in your business journey. No more guessing what needs to happen next. Read more here

If you are an introvert getting quickly overwhelmed or kind of lost with all the Social Media messages we receive today from thousands of platforms, Susanna will teach you how to handle this and will support you to build your own business.

With her genius and patient personality, understanding, empathy and a stunning in depth knowledge, encompassing lots of different details that are important when you feel lost and overwhelmed in the very beginning, she inspires you with an inner abundance of ideas and expertise which is absolutely outstanding – Just amazing!!!

You have to experience this otherwise it is impossible to imagine her kind of didactic approach to numerous subjects of the course she is proficient in. You are looking for something similar… well I am convinced it does NOT exist as … at least for me…. Her structure and comprehensive kind of teaching is just UNIQUE!

Golden Visibility Alumni

Susanna Reay

“Your are unique - show your value and  over-deliver like crazy as you build your brand”

~ Susanna Reay

Ultimately you will be ...   


To build your business with a ...   


That connects to your audience ...   


Am I an introvert?

I'm glad you asked, as being an introvert does not mean that you are shy, or socially awkward, often far from it...