Be Yourself

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One of the biggest a-ha moments for me along my path to business growth was to not try and be someone who I was not.

Be me.
Be genuine.

Anything else is just far too exhausting. It leads to introvert burnout. Yes that’s a thing and yes I have been there.

I was a chameleon for years, swaying with the culture changes and trying to fit in and succeeding to those who met me. Many thought I was extroverted as I pushed myself to head out to meet people, as otherwise loneliness would kick in.

As introverted people need friends too. And when you move to a new country that takes a lot of effort as ever already has their set friendships from years ago.

Not many people are welcoming in a consistent way, so I learnt to create strategies to combat this.

It was tough. Highs and lows were in there.

But at the end of it all, after 15 years of being someone I was not 100% I was burnt out.

Tears would bubble up when alone for what seemed like no reason. I just wanted to stay in bed all day. Getting out the front door to meet people was hard. 

#introvertburnout hit.

It's real and it happens when you have tried for too long to be someone you are not.

Written by Susanna Reay
June 17, 2019


Susanna Reay is an online business specialist, and brings her 25+ years experience of working online into packaging high value offers and courses to achieve the success her introvert business owners dream of.

The Introvert Way is her unique framework that ensures that business growth doesn't equal business burnout. We have to align our business with our natural tendencies until you reach the stage where you build a team to support the many functions needed to go to the next level.

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