This photo captures the moment my business changed

Every image has a story. 

This photo that I took 4 years ago and has a story too.

IMG 3383

Lots was going on in my life.

☀️We were renovating our house to the extent that we were living upstairs out of the bedrooms

☀️ I bent down one morning to pick up the post… and pulled my back out

☀️ That led to a lot of physio and a summer spent mainly lying on my front to relieve the pain

☀️ I even ended up watching TV via a mirror as our rooms were all very tightly packed with belongings 

☀️I was deep diving and pivoting the direction of my business and my laptop was my friend

☀️ And I was taking part in an online challenge to show up and be visible. We were asked to take a selfie “from head to toe”

☀️ Standing was too painful, so I lay down, propped up my phone and used an app that I could wave my arms at to trigger the selfie to express who I was

☀️ The photo above was the result 🤩

💥 I was preparing to fly high in business 👸

Since then

🔥 I have supported over 500 introverted and HSP entrepreneurs to grow their business online 

🔥 I have been a guest speaker at over 40 online events, summits, conferences and podcasts sharing #theintrovertway methods. 

🔥 everyday I am honoured to support amazing women who are changing the world from their homes through the Powerhouse Academy and Introvert Entrepreneurs’ Powerhouse Community.

I’d love to hear your story!

Maybe you do not have a story yet?

And that is absolutely normal to think that you don’t. I didn’t when I took this photo. 

As often we are busy being IN the story and creating it, that we do not realise there is a story in the making. As story doesn’t happen in a single moment in time… but more over a period of years. 

We iterate to succeed

Nothing ever happens overnight, but every small, focused step will get you towards your goals. 

One day, you too will look back and see how your story has developed, and is still developing. 

If you would like support developing your story to grow your business online, reach out and let’s chat about what that could look like for you. 



Written by Susanna Reay
April 12, 2021


Susanna Reay is an online business specialist, and brings her 25+ years experience of working online into packaging high value offers and courses to achieve the success her introvert business owners dream of.

The Introvert Way is her unique framework that ensures that business growth doesn't equal business burnout. We have to align our business with our natural tendencies until you reach the stage where you build a team to support the many functions needed to go to the next level.

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