The Introvert Hump

Have you met your introvert hump yet?

She’s the one in the road.

The one that is stopping you walk freely to your dreams, there on the horizon.

See that golden glow of the sun setting in the distance? That is your future. Your goals accomplished. Your visions a reality.


  • “I don’t have the energy needed, it’s just not possible.”
  • “It’s too hard, I may as well just give up”
  • “Who will listen to me?”
  • “I’m not good enough”

Does this sound all too familiar? Then you are in good company.

As all of the above expressions are perfectly normal for us to hear from our inner voice. Or inner critic if you like. It’s self-sabotage. And we introverts can be some of the worse sufferers of this infliction, as our nature means we internalise all of this.

It comes within, and circles round and round, getting deeper and deeper, until we no longer believe in who we are, that we can do anything, that people will listen, that we are needed. We retire into our shell and give up as it is tough putting yourself out there. Especially as an introvert. We have so much to give, but the exertion has to be monitored to avoid burn out.

So to make this downward spiral stop, I decided to name this blockage. When we name something it then becomes manageable to work against. Make that name and image slightly silly and it becomes even easier to scare it away, talk past it. And so, the Introvert Hump was born.

I am helping clients get past their Introvert Hump by providing a clear structure to work through, taking baby steps to build their brand online, making themselves visible. One of the best ways to move the Introvert Hump to the side, is to start showing up and helping people with what you do. Give value, out your self and your opinions out “there”. Ask for feedback and testimonials. Then read them weekly to know the path you are on is right, and that Introvert Hump gets smaller. Mine is still there, some days are worse than others. Today in fact, which is what spurred me to write this note to you.

Name the fear and it starts to go away.

Moving into showing your true thoughts and feelings out into the scary world is hard. It is a place where you do not know who will see what you say, write or draw. I have no idea who is reading this. But if you are reading this and it is resonating with you, I would love to hear how you feel. With a little comment, a few words, connecting with me and starting a conversation. A little more than a click of a like, a love, a laughter, a wow, or a sad face... those are simple ways to respond in a busy, noisy world. Social media is here with the purpose to be social, to connect and share and support.

I am looking for connections, dialogue that can move us forward. Empower us all to share our talents and help others in doing so.

Just by writing this note today, has helped me clear my grey, fog-filled head on a Monday morning as I am suffering from an introvert hangover... don’t know that one either? Best stay connected and read my next post on that! It’s real, and needs to be respected.

About the author

Susanna is a colour-passionate introvert on a mission to see gender equality in her lifetime. She guides female intropreneurs to success by building their business the introvert way, giving them the financial freedom they dream of. When not online Susanna can be found photographing, painting, procrastibaking and memorizing many musical lyrics that she sings with her daughters who have acquired this love too.

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