What it really takes to have a successful online business 

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you took your business 100% online? 

If that's one of those questions, that is coming towards you at the moment, then stay tuned because I'm going to be answering with the four elements that to be successful online, you really need to incorporate.

  • Are you more introverted in nature and get very tired with all the exhaustion of offline work and travel?
  • Do lots of  face-to-face meetings completely exhaust you?

Has this led you towards thinking about working online to create that flexible lifestyle that you dream of? A future, where you're not having to be constantly on the go ... and outwardly facing for business success. Sounds bliss 

Well working online could be a good decision for you.

I work 100% online in my business, and therefore I know what it takes as I too, am very introverted.  When I worked in a traditional 9-5 job, I became very exhausted, overwhelmed and it led to burnout.

My holidays were spent recuperating rather than enjoying the new cultures I had fled too. Often I would get sick the first week as my body went into shock and recovery mode. It was not good. 

Luckily, there's another way of doing things these days. And that's why I moved into the online business space.

Through working with and alongside many talented service providers, I have seen that to be successful with your business online you must incorporate the four elements that I share below as they really determine whether you will be a successful online.

1. Belief

The first element is to do with belief.

This is really around the belief in your offer in what your business does on in what you're selling. Because if you don't believe 100% in what your offer is and how valuable it is for other people, then how on earth are other people going to also believe that?

And online in particular, this belief that you have something special to share is even more important.

With offline; if you're meeting people and it's just in that 1 to 1 space and they go "Oh great! You do what I want. I'll work with you." Great, that's fabulous.

Online. Yes, there may be more competition, so you've got to have the belief in what you do and that you can really help people in that sphere. But most importantly, you have to be your true authentic self, and that means not trying to be somebody you're not.

Over the last couple of days, I felt very worn out, and I've bean very inward facing and it got to the point where I was just having to completely stop from work because I've learned that if I don't, illness strikes. This is me, and I need to respect my rhythms..

Today I woke up feeling more refreshed, having had that time out to be able to come here and be outward facing in this way, because it's my strong and firm belief that I know when you're more introverted in nature, working online with your business can be that God send you've been waiting for.

Working online means that you can turn things around and create that flexible lifestyle that you've been dreaming of and you can earn the same amount, if not more. You can, scale your business online, but it all starts with belief in your offer.

2. Openness

The second step is openness and what I mean by this is well, is you've got to be open to change.

When you're working online, you will be trying lots of different methods to reach out to your people, and you've got to be prepared to take the time and analyse and adjust and just pull back a little and think;
"What have I been doing that's been working? What isn't working so much? What is it about my offers that are maybe a little different? Unique? What's working with my copy? What isn't working? Are my images working for me. What about my traffic? Have I got enough people seeing my message?"

You've got to be open to this constant cycle of Trying, Doing, Feedback, and then iterating to success.

None of the big, big names out there are in the online business world right now got there by just creating an offer. And then bingo it happened. They actually tried and tried and tried and tried and tried a little bit more. Failed, probably a few times and, then tried again.

So you've got to be open to change, to movement, to really recognising what it is about you that is special that attracts people, but most of all be open to listening in.

And this is where one of your introvert superpowers comes in - is to listening into what your people need from you and how you can help them solve it.

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3. Determination

The third element to be successful online is no doubt "determination" and within determination, I encapsulate the feelings of focus and consistency. 

When you have an idea and again, many of us who are more entrepreneurial in nature are very multi-passionate and we have lots of ideas...

But the reality of it is to be successful online, you need to be constantly focused 100% on one idea for at least 3 to 4 months, 90 to 120 days to really test, ask, listen, market that idea so you can verify that the idea - The idea that came to you in the middle of the night, or whilst you're gardening,  or you're walking your dog ...  and you thought, "Wouldn't it be great?"

The crux of the matter is you do need, to run a successful business, to verify that somebody needs and wants your solution.

A lot of us can get very caught up in the excitement of the creation of an idea but are not so good at the follow through - and this is where the focus, determination and consistency is so required to be successful online.

4. Investment

My final element required to be successful online, is that you've got to be prepared to invest and this is investing in both time and money.

So, like any business, for instance, if you had a shop in the High Street, you would be investing in the premises, in the space where your clients come in and browse your products, and its no different online.

You will need a budget for both support (people) and also tools (apps, software etc).

We know there's many tools online that you can at the free level. But then you've got to think, "Well, what is that cost to me as a business?" 

There is a low barrier of entry to work online, and that appeals to a lot of people because they are just give it a go. But if you're treating your business like a hobby that you just spending a little bit here and a little bit there, then you will not have the success that you want as a business, because every business that is successful has been seriously invested in.

And this investment may be in support with a mentor or coach, helping you choose the right path so you're not wasting your time as you're moving forward.

Or it could be investing in advertising, and whether you choose this to do yourself or you hire a social media agency to do the advertising, then posting on your behalf.

It is very important for you to know that to grow your business online, if you are serious, you do need to invest both your time and money into your business.

And it's one of the biggest mistakes that I see many wannabe online entrepreneurs making is thinking they can start it all with no investment whatsoever.

There is always an investment required. In both time and money.

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Are you ready to create an online business? 

If you are prepared to incorporate these 4 elements in your business, you can make that choice today, and start to change your life. 

Belief: Do you have belief that what your business is, what your offer is, is actually something that people need and want?

Openness - Do you have the openness of mind to be able to get that feedback and make adjustments? 

Determination: Have you got the determination to make this happen? 

Investment - And you willing to invest time and money into your business to ensure success?

Next steps

If you have been thinking "I'm not quite sure.", then in the description, there is support if you need it, and I can offer you that support. 

I suggest that we would start by engaging within a Blue Sky Strategy session.

This is when we get together one-to-one for 90 minutes over Zoom, and we talk through your idea for your business, about bringing it online and looking to see where your viable business niche is, what strategy is best for you that you can and are willing to apply to make your business successful online.

Click through on the image to sign up.

If you'd like that direct support, I'd love to help, and hear where you're at with your business.

Because pretty much any business in any niche can be successful online, but only with the right strategy behind it.

I hope this has helped you and let me know if you have any questions.

Do reach out.

Written by Susanna Reay
February 28, 2020


Susanna Reay is a multi award-winning coach, writer, and speaker who’s been bringing clarity, focus and structure into small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups for over 20 years.

Susanna brings a unique perspective informed by her training in design and business strategy, her life-long interest in psychology and strengths as an introverted online business builder.

Her book, courses and mentoring have been the catalyst for growth for clients who’ve integrated Sparkle Frameworks® into their business.

She helps the unseen be seen, heard and respected. 

Susanna serves a global audience from her home in the South of England.